The Kids Aren’t Alright

Swine flu. That’s all I hear about recently. A newspaper round here listed the symptoms and recommended staying in the house if you have them and calling an NHS hotline. Yeah, problem with that is that the listed symptoms are exactly what someone will have if they have a summer cold or hayfever. As it’s the season for both I can see a lot of people getting worried over nothing. Yet another manifestation of the society of fear we live in.

As I mentioned in comments here a while back, my phone battery has swollen up to about twice it’s normal size and I’m risking an explosion every time I use it. As I’ve seen the results of a phone explosion I’m using my old phone for now, until I either get a new one through or a replacement battery. The good news is I was one of the fifty people chosen to be a Samsung ambassador and should be getting a Samsung i8910 HD sometime soon, to keep. The bad news is that they haven’t given me further details yet and I’ve just got this feeling that something will go wrong and that feeling is usually right. I’m not letting myself get excited yet as it’ll crush me if it goes wrong, so I’m kind of in Limbo until I know for sure what’s going on.

A side effect of not using my regular phone is that I don’t have access to all my games and application files. As such I probably wont be sending my mailing list out this month. Also a load of the research for posts is trapped in that phone so this place will probably be a bit quieter than normal. At the very least I’ll be continuing to release themes and skins on Tuesdays. I’d release them more often but Tuesday is the only day I get PC access to make screenshots. I’ll try to keep up with at least one normal post per week but gathering the resources is a pain in the arse.

Going out for a walk in a bit and off to a museum tomorrow so I probably wont be here all that much the next couple of days. I’ll keep up with my watch list but may not comment much. Of course, if there’s a blatant joke waiting for a punchline in the comments, you know I can’t resist.


80 thoughts on “The Kids Aren’t Alright

  1. Oh, while I remember, to the person who paid me a compliment yesterday:You know what it's like on the web. A single compliment can get lost amidst the tidal wave of approval that comes your way from all directions. "Oh you're so smart to tie your shoelaces." Seriously, the web is like the special needs affirmation league. I tend to shrug compliments off or ignore them as I get so many, usually from newbies trying to suck up their way to friendship. What you said is the core of my being and could be taken as a compliment or an insult depending on your view of the world. It meant a lot to me that someone saw that in me.

  2. Gosh! For a moment there I thought this post was all about the swine flu! :PI remember my dad's phone had a swollen battery once. He had two phones and at the moment the 'condom' (the transparent rubber-like tight case for phones) was quite popular, but my dad despised it and didn't use it. So we joked about how one phone got knocked up because the other refused to use the condom πŸ˜›

  3. Mik, I really hope this is the one time your feeling is wrong. I hope you get that phone soon.Sorry about your phone battery.Enjoy your walk and your trip tomorrow. We know you can't resist funny :devil: :p

  4. That's possibly the longest comment you've left here Carol. :eyes: Oh, congratulations on your recent pest control by the way. :yes:

  5. What's going on on Tuesdays since you've got PC access there? :curious:Well, I don't feel as if I have to give you compliments to keep you as a friend – I just… well, you know, kinda felt that the time was there to tell you that I really do appreciate you being around. Yeah, we can laugh and have fun – but more important – I have great respect for what you say when things get serious in the friends only posts. I am not always good at saying that, so I just thought you should know.

  6. I hope you will get a phone at the end. Or at least replace the damned battery.As for the swine flu, this is how it all started:faint:

  7. That's how they say HIV started, Darko. Only it was a monkey and a couple of stages further than a kiss. :insane:.Tils, we usually go to Kim's gran's house to visit on Tuesdays. I leave them to do the girly chat thing (currently her gran thinks no man could be like Edward Cullen from Twilight and doesn't like me pointing out that he's 90 and dating a high school girl :devil: ) and use the PC.

  8. That poor battery… :awww: Talk about overload!What museum are you going to, and will there be posts? πŸ˜€

  9. It's a homosexual dancing music man from the olden days. :up:.*serves the kitty a muffin with a hard brown lump on top, just like Moe suggested*You really think she'll like it, cat whisperer?We didn't end up going. Turns out it's closed. :irked:

  10. What's that kitty? You don't like muffins? :sherlock: You must want to play with…THE STRING!!!*drapes a piece of string on the floor and waggles it*

  11. *sniffs suspiciously*I don't know… I think I'll have… something else. :left:Got milk? πŸ˜€

  12. Hmmm, the cats must have gone out to get me presents. Why they don't leave a 50 inch HD TV on my doorstep instead of half eaten dead birds, I'll never know.*hoovers the house as a storm rages outside*

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