Little Victories

I have a lot of philosophies that make my life better for me. Some of them are simple common sense such as “Don’t lean over an open fire with loose hair” or “Don’t vote Bush”, others are fun little mottos such as “If it’s bad for me, I’ll probably enjoy it more with ketchup” or “It’s not a good party until someone falls in love or out of a window”. And then, almost hidden away behind the rest, there’s the actual wisdom…

1000 Awesome Things is a blog updated every weekday and almost dedicated to my little victories principle. On the blog the writer is counting down his top 1000 awesome things – things that make his day, things that may not even occur to us as something that might cheer us up.
Sample Posts:
Eating cookies like Cookie Monster
Paying for something with exact change (I’ve always been a sucker for that little victory, myself)
And lets not forget the mystical wonders of the other side of the pillow.

This is one page worth visiting, if only to find out what you’ve been taking for granted in your life.

“Celebrate the little victories” sounds like the sort of thing you’d find in a self help book but the motto actually started out as my anger against overly religious people, combined with something I do anyway. I was getting increasingly frustrated with the sort of people who spend their entire lives looking up for a sign from heaven only to miss the constant miracles in our lives. I’ve always been one who is continually astounded by how good the simple things in life actually are, so it gets to me when people don’t even notice them because they’re waiting for something better. Seriously, how can you be waiting for something better when you don’t even know what you’ve got?

So, how does one celebrate the little victories in life? What exactly is a little victory? Well, look at it this way, the slightest little bad thing can upset an entire day sometimes. Don’t try to deny it, we’ve all had a day that’s going fine and something insignificant has ruined it for us. The little victories are the exact same size as the little annoyances, yet we rarely celebrate them. Getting something in your eye is a cause of annoyance, yet getting that thing out isn’t a cause of celebration? Does that sound remotely logical to you? Why shouldn’t we celebrate that. Today I’ve been really clumsy and hurt myself three times. A bad day, surely? No, because I’ve also had a wonderful home cooked meal that my babe and I co-operated on making – a lasagne that’s big enough that we can have it again tomorrow, guaranteeing us a good meal then as well. As far as I’m concerned that’s a victory worth celebrating, an achievement to be proud of.

Why not try to adopt this way of thinking to your life? See exactly how much you’ve got to be thankful for each day and you’ll find yourself feeling generally happier in no time. Celebrate the little victories, because you need to smile more often and, most of all, because sometimes that’s all we have.

32 thoughts on “Little Victories

  1. That's strange. When I first viewed this page, the poll was "Which console do you have?" and now it is back to your usual "If you could sue, would you?". :confused:

  2. Great post Mik. :up:Think positive, even when there are negitives always find the positive side. :)Back to the basics, the simple things in life, love, family, a walk in the park, take time to smell the flowers, enjoy a sunset. Sit with your loved one looking at the stars and moon. Singing and dancing in the rain. :happy:A smile 😀 a hug, a please and thank you, your welcome. Common sense rules.

  3. The simple things in life are important, more so than luxuries in fact (You've been on an island for twenty years. Are you craving champagne or a bacon sandwich?), and celebrating the little things means we're celebrating something, which keeps our spirits up, which in turn makes us happier people who're more likely to see the good in our lives anyway, and finally that makes us more likely to have good things happen.One of the greatest pleasures I've ever had was drinking a good coffee and smoking a good cigar in the peace of the twilight hours. I've had people look at me like I was crazy for saying that before. They want so much more out of life, and I just wonder how many pleasures they've missed out on simply because they didn't count it as good enough to be worth enjoying.I don't think the console question has ever been my vote. Sounds like the sidebar caches got mixed up again.

  4. I wonder also how many true meaningful pleasures people miss out on going for what they think will make them happy, like lots of money. Reminds me of that song "Cats in the Cradle". It's really 😦 to me that people think working tons of hours to make tons of money is good for their family when they don't spend "quailty" time with them.

  5. Been there, done that. There's 168 hours in a week and for a few years I was working around 120 of them all but every week. It ruined relationships but I thought I was happy, cause it's a job I liked and the money was pouring in.When Kim and I moved in together and out of my home town I missed a lot of things, or thought I did. The chip shop round here is the first in the area to do battered mushrooms, and therefore the first lot I've had in about seven years. Suddenly all is right with the world as far as I'm concerned.:D

  6. Nice post. The essence of a happy life, indeed. I am wondering how old exactly you are, this is not a philosophy of a youngling :sherlock: :psmurf: :lol:Maybe I will be in a position to lose my job soon. I am not quite sure, but becase of world economc crisis, my company is having troubles in paying wages and taxes so my boss will probably wave goodbye to some of us. I know I will be in trouble then but, hey, I have already been there, touching the very bottom of my life once. On the other hand, I will have my trainings, friends and possiblity to make a good photo here and there.Life is like a sea, one moment you are at the top of a wave, the next moment you feel you are drowning *shrugs* I have enough of a life experience to know there will be another wave to lift me up :yes:

  7. I've never heard of the "1000 Awesome Things"-site, but with an article called "Eating cookies like Cookie Monster" is definitely making it worth a visit. :up:This is a seriously cool post, Mik. *nods in respect*

  8. I actually needed this post today 😀 'other side of the pillow' is something you'd never think of looking at in that way..

  9. I really needed this, too. That blog is awesome 😀 . I love the "shaved legs, clean sheets" one, I thought I was alone in that 😆

  10. Excellent post, Mik :yes:I need a reminder like this every once in a while, being one of those people who is more likely to be annoyed of something than glad. That is, until I catch myself doing it and straighten myself out.Yay for small victories! :hat:

  11. Little victories keep us sane in an insane world. Isn't it fun to see the world through my eyes occasionally. 😀 The next lesson to deal with the annoyances of the world is how to use nearby cats as stress balls. I'll give you homework on that one, Rose.Hope the job thing works out for you Darko. Even if it doesn't I'm sure something new will be waiting just around the corner. Occasionally what seems to be a bad thing surprises you by working out better than you could have hoped. Like you said, you can't enjoy the heights of surfing without a few waves knocking you down a bit.I had this philosophy since I was twelve (I'm 31 now 😥 ) but only turned it into the neat little four word package when I was about twenty.

  12. Homework?! Awww, I don't want that :(. Besides, I don't have a nearby cat, but I do have a stress ball :D.

  13. Oh, you not heard the expression before? Figured you would have, what with you being a great screaming girl and all :doh:

  14. Are you talking to me or Mik? :sherlock:.I googled the damn thing and I got handbags at dawn :p stupid made up terms by Kim :doh:

  15. I'm a sucker for the exact change thing too 😀 Or the "minimise the number of coins in the wallet" manoeuvre

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