Selling My Blog

Before you all start crying and begging me not to leave (you know who you are) I’m not actually selling this place and moving on. What I am doing is wondering how you guys would sell it if it were a book?

What I’m looking for is reader testimonials about this place like you see on the back of books. What do you like about this place? What content do you visit for? What is it that makes you keep coming back? How does my page impact your daily life?

These may be used in an upcoming project I’m looking into so please be as honest as you can. So, who wants to go first?


50 thoughts on “Selling My Blog

  1. I keep coming back cuz you help all the new phonies understand how they can use their phone with the internet. I also come here to see if you are gonna make an ass out of some poor sap on a daily basis (just kidding).

  2. Ok right..there once was a git named Furie with exceptional talents with mobiles so now i keep coming back πŸ˜€ Howzat?? :p

  3. πŸ˜† @ commentsAhem, ahem…You want to know more about your phone?You want to know how to blog from your precious?You want to know what is new in mobile world?You want to see wolfie kicked in the ass?Then, Furie`s blog is a must place to visit :yes:Like a commercial, right? πŸ˜€

  4. I keep coming back because you said you'd stop bribing me if I don't write comments from time to time. πŸ˜₯

  5. Although I dont comment often. Well, actually I rarely comment, but I do visit this blog often 'cos I'm using only my phone to access the internet and this blog has opened my :eyes: to the potential of what I can do with my handset. You're doing a very good job. I would just like to have more mobile related posts though. πŸ™‚

  6. Aha! We're getting somewhere. Thanks Selurus, that's the sort of thing I'm looking for. Simple and honest and doesn't look like I wrote it myself. The sort of endorsement you see on a book from another author (usually Stephen King, no matter the genre). :up: All will be revealed soon as to why I'm asking this by the way guys.Now can someone give Grandpa Stomyr his alzeimher's medication while I call the home…

  7. Awww so my comment doesn't give you the oomph you need to fuel your ego? Fine..

    I come back because searching for online stuff on a mobile is tedious work and I wouldn't have ever thought my mobile would be able to do what it does now if it wasn't for Furie's fierce dedication to the mobile world..

    Now does that sound like blowing smoke up someone's ass or what? πŸ˜€

  8. Honestly, I like the variety here. Your posts can be everything from philosophy, information, fun, creative writing… It's a good blog. You take your time with things, and you appeal to a lot of different tastes. (Even if you do get scary-ass sad motherfucka stalkers :lol:)

  9. Allow me to demonstrate."I found Wolf's Reign a while back and subscribed for the jokes, but the serious posts and the bond Cois forms with his readers means that this joke page is no laughing matter and has kept me subscribed for over two years."The problem is I've spent years in promotions and it shows. I want to put up reader testimonials somewhere that give different opinions of my page as part of a format evolving project I'm working on. If I don't get enough, the project goes down the tubes. I don't care if they're completely complimentary or not so long as they're honest and say something about what makes different people visit.

  10. Well, I tried 3 times to write something in Marketing speak but I'm afraid my brain refused.So I wrote this random snippet instead :"Furie's Blog. Come for the posts, the pics, the wit and the wisdom. Leave at your loss"

  11. As Ulysses said to Rick Jones about his book Sidekicks in an issue of The Incredible Hulk; "Turgid and self-aggrandizing".To which Rick replied, "Hey, great! Can I use that as a pull quote?"But, seriously …- The Opera Community's Stephen Fry- Realizing the potential of mobile communication- A mobile phone and Mik Furie's blog; what can't be done?- These days, there's no difference between what you can do on a computer and what you can do on a mobile phone. Don't believe me? Check this out.- A blogger who thinks before he posts? Daaaaaamn … !

  12. I am a phone fanatic,and I come here to know how to make my phone at par with a desktop computer.And yeah I think Furie is my friend though I am an Indian.

  13. Race has nothing to do with friendship. I've seen you expecting lesser treatment because of where you were born before. That'll have more to do with the way people treat you than your race. Learn to respect yourself a bit more and others shall reciprocate.

  14. Mik, I meant it when I said because of you. You are the reason I come back here. I was not trying to be funny.Wish you could see what I meant. It's you, as a person, that keeps me coming back here. You are helpful, honest, trustworthy, a true friend. Your blog refects YOU. Sorry I can not express it better.

  15. Hah! I have written stuff like this about you before!Here's from an old blog post:

    Mik has that mix of things that are bound to hit everybody. If you're not interested in mobile technology, there are game reviews, stories and other really fun and entertaining stuff – as well as more important issues.

    I think that still covers it :D.

  16. Edited for clarity:

    "Mik … bound to hit everybody … not interested in … other(s) … and (h)as issues."

    :p πŸ˜‰

  17. I keep coming back here because this place's got what it takes to get me addicted. Although I missed out quite loads of posts (due to my on-off opera community sessions… well, I do have a life :left: πŸ˜› ). What I mean is that… the content of this blog just simply broadens my horizons. πŸ˜† @ clean

  18. Ahh ok.. The Dark Furie..A place where a kindred spirit thrives with posts reflecting what affects us now. Be it from the everyday inhuman treatment of one man to the other which we all blink once at and pay no mind to without thinking, to the comedial side of the savageness of chickens.Mobile technology being the passion to accomplish the hefty task of doing what pc users take for granted it's been my pleasure to be a loyal follower without fail from the start.Seeing no difference between race, creed or religion the owner has enlightened me to new possibilities and even changing my perspective into seeing the bigger picture.Without the Dark Furie my online experience with a mere mobile wouldn't have been as enjoyable and I would have given up my blog (again) if not for support of someone I consider a true friend.

  19. I have to deactive my gprs this month coz I have exceeded my 2000(40$) Rupees credit limit.See ya next month.

  20. Cha-ching!! :D.Yes shame on you Fan.. You should cut all ties with the real world right now and join us forever :awww:

  21. Furie was one of the first blogs I stumbled upon when I first arrived here at Opera. He always have something interesting to read may it be light, funny or technological.. I don't know much about all the web page design, but I can honestly say I have learned stuff from reading his posts.. I would definitely recommend Furies blog for anyone looking to know more about mobile phones, blogging through your phone, web page design, and then having a laugh with his lighter posts πŸ˜€ Great work Furie

  22. Apparantly i should barter for a hour in bath with Kim but I don't think I'll survive her drowning me :insane:

  23. WAH! If ever you're really selling this (if ever ut was a book) I'd buy it! This is one of the first few Opera blogs that I have seen here! I think this is the second blog that I have seen (the first one was Kimmie's). The themes and tutorial here and also handy and its really fun to visit your blog from time to time.Blogs like yours inspired me to make my own blog. As for the testimonial?

    pending – I'm still thinking of a good one –


  24. Are you absolutely sure you're not selling your blog? :awww:Anyway – before I write something, I'd like to know how many words it takes to earn a bath with Kimmie. :love:

  25. To have knowledge and to share it embodies both valour and wisdom. Hell, I'm always pointing people back to your blog. Simply because I'm too awestruck by your altruism to be jealous! And let's face it, you perfectionistic attention to detail, even when it doesn't matter to anyone else, makes this place a veritable work of art. There's people who get paid to do what you do here who don't even come close to achieving what you've accomplished. :happy:.

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