Mondays – Anyone Seen My Brain?


34 thoughts on “Mondays – Anyone Seen My Brain?

  1. I mean… your brain is too difficult for a mere mortal such as I to comprehend, obviously. :left::right::left::sst: I'd have thought that title would be more like "Story of a man cleaning his gun, didn't know if it was blocked so he pointed it at the nearest " 🙄

  2. Ignoring all obvious propaganda put forwards by the resistance… Moe, are you saying the puzzle is too difficult, or my brain? :mad:.My titles get more comments than my actual posts sometimes. Tune in tomorrow for a post entitled: "Story of a man who was cleaning his gun, didn't know it was loaded and looked down the barrel to see if it was blocked".Bang!The End.Copyright – Furie Ultimate Copyrighting Korporation 2009

  3. 😎 Hey Mik, I have a post for mobile users that I'd like you to check out please. I'd like your opinion on which one would be the better choice to replace this one with. Thanks.

  4. I actually don't mind MOndays so much. Yeah, waking up is hard but Mondays for me usually vanish quite quickly. I have HUGE issues with middle of the week Wednesday's though and Thursday's go on forever – WHY????LMAO.. I've just read the comments about nipples!! And I spotted your Hate Furie group – actually spotted it on one of the members pages as I browsed! Gotta say – YOU ROCK this far as I have read!Hey!!

  5. What's CRS? :left:.Uhm.. Something about nipples but i just can't recall.. Something about six nipples for six moods and Furies' having a off button :left:

  6. You can't remember what you said, Cois? CRS sets in early in SA, no? :p @ Mik: Stop by Squeakycats blog, please, eh? tyvm

  7. I believe she would like a definitive answer from you. I could be wrong, though. Perhaps she's already made her choice.

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