Just A Joke

I’ve been thinking about jokes for a long time now and I’d like to share a couple with you, one recent and a personal one from the ’80s.

Joke 1

These two muslim women came to the door the other day. Instead of answering the door I spoke to them through the letterbox. Now they know how I feel.

Joke 2

There’s this six year old boy in the schoolyard and a load of the other children are throwing rocks at him. Beaten, bloody, humiliated, crying and with a couple of fractures he goes to his teacher for help, but the teacher turns a blind eye to it because it’s the middle of October in 1984, a hotel has just been blown up by the IRA and the child has committed the crime of being Irish. So the kid goes home crying, wanting to be like the terrorists the other kids keep accusing him of being just so he can get revenge. He mentions this feeling to his family and they beat what’s left of the crap out of him for even thinking that.

Hmmm, that second joke isn’t really all that funny is it? Maybe we should add a punchline to it. Let’s see, what could the punchline be? Oh, I know!

Children aren’t born racist. Children don’t even know hate to begin with. Children are taught to hate by their parents and people they trust. Hate is insidious, it instills itself gently in a forming mind without needing to be forced there. The parents that keep telling joke number one (I heard it from a woman in her fifties who really should know better) around their children are the exact same sort who orchestrated joke number two, and they’re failing their own children as well as those who get tortured by them, propagating the hate on both sides. But hey, it’s just a joke isn’t it.

Isn’t it?


23 thoughts on “Just A Joke

  1. That woman in her fifties should be ashamed of herself. :irked::sst: I take it the "Coke or Pepsi?" poll isn't yours either. Something should really be done about these polls. 🙄

  2. Neither of those "jokes" are funny at all. I find it very disturbing that some people think it's okay to raise their kids like that. I guess it just proves that racist people aren't the brightest ones… 🙄

  3. The sort of people who begin most sentences with "I'm not racist, but…" are the problem, because they're about to be incredibly racist, are aware of the fact, and don't give a shit. The question has always been "Where on earth did they get the idea that they can act that way?" The answer? Well, like I said, hate is much more likely to take root when it slips inside in the form of a joke or bit of fun.

  4. Racism of this form is borne of fear and unwillingness to understand something that doesn't involve the person individually. That woman in her fifties.. I pity her. She understands nothing that doesn't directly relate to her personal experiences… It must be a very stunted way to live.

  5. Most of the racist jokes we have here are about black people and their "big" parts. And we don`t even have black people except some diplomats and students but they are very rare :left: I guess this is influence of porn movies and/or movies in general…

  6. For all my family's faults (faults that I hate them for and disassociated myself from them for) they weren't racist. That's one thing I'll give them all. Possibly the only thing.

  7. Mik, you pretty much took the words right out of my mouth."I'm not racist but, . . . " is so common here that it's sickening. :yuck:.I consider myself to be a 'racist in recovery'. I'm aware of my prejudice and I try actively to overcome it. :left:.I grew up believing that my family was not racist. When I married a 'non-white' I learnt just how racist they really were. :insane:.

  8. @MarikeWell I can`t be sure, but I remember that jokes about black people appeared while I was in high school. Just like that, out of nowhere. So it must be from movies, can`t explain it better.

  9. I love racism.. It brings out people's true nature.. Lets you know where you stand with them. i'd rather be scowled at with me scowling back than have a false smile and a shitty handshake.I know then to avoid you and you can avoid me. Simple. Do what you will the world is full of hypocrites that'll say they aren't racist but when opportunity presents itself they'll gladly tell a racist joke.I was amazed at college at the number of black jokes one white dude knew. He was chilling with us and after my brother cracked a few white jokes the dude got into it and so we really knew what he knew.So give me blatant honesty anyday rather than me enjoying myself by making you uncomfortable with the colour of my skin :happy:

  10. Oh yes, the old "I'm not racist but…" thing. I've heard so many things we call "weekday racism", things like jokes and such, but with the people telling them claiming to be anything but racists. Just like nobody claims to vote for FRP – a right wing political party over here, yet they are the second (or third, I forget) largest party in Norway. 😦

  11. I could never figure it out; "Oh, look … that person's skin is a different colour … they must be inferior!" Um … why … ?Racism masks close-minded 'fear of the other', I suppose. Humans have a tendency to fear 'the unknown'. There's no excuse for, though – particularly these days – when communication with people from all over the world is so easy.Cois – I know I have no problem with the colour of your skin … the real pain in the ass is you shedding everywhere … 😉 😆

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