Seven And Eight

So, the Always S60 Ambassador’s program is officially over now and the top ten ambassadors worldwide have been announced, including yours truly at number eight, despite not doing anything for a while now.

Here’s the top ten:

  • fakhre
  • anwar79
  • hritikbhimani
  • JCRomo
  • oscarburd
  • kukalubo
  • Coisy
  • Furie
  • ILikeMyNok
  • ritesh

See me up there? I’m so proud. Oh, didn’t I mention that another Opera member came in at number seven. That’s the seventh most knowledgable, dedicated and useful S60 phone user in the entire world. So, please join me in a round of applause for our very own wolfboy, Clint.


36 thoughts on “Seven And Eight

  1. Still weird dude.. Nice going on the global position :up: got some good tips as an Ambassador.. Too bad it ended..

  2. Neither of us will do anything anymore, Kerst. The program is over. What we did was expand the knowledge of what these phones can do to more people. Several thousand were in the program and we hit two of the top spots.

  3. good dude keep it up and keep posting about some twitter clients for s60 v3 ……………waiting:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :up: :yes: and congrats:devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

  4. Actually I don't use Twitter so don't post about their clients, even though there's not that many to actually post about. I can recommend the Symbian Guru blog where they've got a recent post comparing mobile Twitter clients. Well worth a visit.

  5. I'm a Samsung Ambassador now, so Clint can have some presidential immunity in his country. That's where you take showers and are immune to everything yeah?

  6. Farewell diplomatic immunity :awww:Still, you always have the presidential immunity to fall back on :hat:

  7. Not a contest, although there were friendly contest parts to it. It was word of mouth advertising based on the concept that most people will take advise from friends that they wont from magazine and television adverts. Each campaign concentrated on one element, like gaming or messaging and we had to find inventive ways to let others know about it, either online or in the street. We'd enter reports on our activities once we entered the campaign. As a reward for actually entering we'd get free applications and merchandise, plus the chance to test drive some phones if we were ever voted the best for one of our reports. We'd take tips from each others posts, post our own negative or positive feedback on the applications, etc and give points to those whose reports we like. Strangely I could never get that bit working from my phone. :irked:.There's things like that all over for different things. Most agencies give you stuff like a free sachet of coffee to try out in a coffee campaign or a tester bottle of shampoo for a shampoo campaign, so this was pretty high-brow. I know of entire families that save hundreds by going in for all of these things – one person writing reports, another signing up for new agencies and campaigns.

  8. That's cool – congratulations. So the part of the letter "you're one of our best…" wasn't quite false after all. :up:

  9. Some of it. There were a few packages I got for helping out with other things, and some I didn't bother posting about.

  10. License fees can go from 50p all the way to Β£200 depending on the application. Games are normally in the Β£5-Β£10 mark on N-Gage. It's a regular thing with smartphones, as each application is developed and regularly updated by a team and the good ones are usually as powerful as the relevant PC applications. Not that I pay for them. :devil:

  11. "we'd get free applications and merchandise" – Ok, I understand free merchandise. Cool pens, usb-sticks, t-shirts etc. But free applications? Do you really mean that apps normally are to be paid for? Obscene!

  12. Seems to be an urban legend like that there are cds that are sold with the software or music even on them.

  13. I know now why I had so many reports.. As I got in contact with at least 4 strangers per week I had something to report about.. Crap thing was that I didn't like mentioning the same thing in every report so had to look into some other stuff.Do you think the S60 campaigns would've been so successfull if there were no free stuff?I'd like to think so as the info from other users were sometimes pretty usefull.

  14. :sing: It seems today that all you seeIs iPhones in movies like Sex and the City.But what of those good, old fashioned features which the iPhone denies.Lucky there's an S60 guy.Something like that before you ask. :p

  15. Yeah, I'd like to think so too, but I doubt it. I noticed one guy in the top ten who joined after both of us and only made reports like "I showed ***** this application. They liked it." Make enough of those and sheer weight of numbers will get you a top position and prizes. Plus someone got caught ripping off someone else's reports recently too according to the blog.

  16. One of my reports was about a situation at Carphone Warehouse where the guy behind the counter asked about my t-shirt and I gave him the whole song and dance about S60 Ambassadors, even filling him in about the phones he's selling and which features to use as key selling points for which markets. About half an hour in he thanked me for me help then asked what it has to do with Family Guy. I realised I wasn't wearing my S60 t-shirt, I was wearing my Family Guy Blue Harvest t-shirt. πŸ˜† I started that report with a phone related remix of the lyrics to the Family Guy theme tune and gave them the full story. Got my first 50 points report for that one.

  17. I saw the ripping off thing πŸ˜† can one be THAT stupid? Apparently so :doh:.They didn't want to publish my report about not being able to edit a report while waiting on it to be checked :irked:.

  18. Since I bought my first Moto I had a look at my favourite tv-shows. All protagonists are using Motos. The guys from NCIS, the decective in "Life", Dr. Jackman . An interesting way of pr that was used before by Apple and also the US-car companies. That's why quite everybody on tv has a mac and drives a Dodge.

  19. Well, there is an urban legend that you can buy cds in stores with music or software. As if not everybody would know exactly that you can only buy empty cds and download the stuff from the web. lol

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