Where I Wander

For a while now I’ve been writing my posts in advance and keeping them so I can post once per day. Sometimes other things interest me and I’ll post more often but usually I keep to my once a day pattern while my stockpile builds up for a rainy day. I write a rough draft, then detail it. I read through and double check everything, trying to make sure that what I mean is conveyed via what I say. It’s one of the things that has let me tackle controversial issues in the past without upsetting people and starting major league arguments here. I even have templates set up containing regularly used codes and post introductions for regular styles of posts here. The templates save me time and allow me to give my posts a more professional feel, which is always a good thing.

Regular readers will have read that I recently had to start using my old phone due to my regular phone having battery problems. This also means that the majority of my stockpile as well as most of my templates are trapped in the old phone at the moment. As the RAM on this phone is lower than I’m used to it takes me longer to get anything done, meaning I have less time to prepare posts as well as less resources to do it with. As such the past couple of weeks I’ve been back to posting as soon as I’ve written something, like I was when I first came here. It means that there may be some misconceptions about my meaning with a controversial issue such as the one I posted earlier today. It means that links, formatting and images may not be perfect and may change throughout the first few minutes of a post being up. It means that this blog may seem to be less professionally presented as it once was. It also means I feel a lot more free.

It’s so liberating to be posting like this again. I know that I wont be able to keep it up for long and that eventually I’ll start building that stockpile of posts again (I already have several articles researched and ready to start writing about) but for now it’s just such a refreshing feeling. The psychological equivalent of opening a window when the wind is strong. I write a post. No rough drafts, no editing and rereading, no second chances, I just write and see how it ends up. For a while there I was worried that I’d forgotten how to do that, that the tools I’d designed to help me do things had become a crutch and that I’d fall down without those tools. But the crutch is gone and I’m running. The posts aren’t perfect and may not flow as well as others I’ve made, but that in itself is a purer form of writing. It challenges me in ways I’d forgotten it could and has reinvigorated my interest in blogging (although I still hate that word) and gotten me back to my roots.

Eventually I’ll be rebuilding my stockpile and will have a collection of posts ready for if I ever have a day where I’m stuck for something to post, but I wont be relying on just that method anymore. Every now and then I owe it to myself and everyone who reads this page to just write and see where the post takes me.


46 thoughts on “Where I Wander

  1. I hope you will be able to put your hands on that Samsung soon. Your posts are good anyway, no matter what kind of hardware you are using :up:

  2. I started reading Cois' comment above as something about spraying scent on his phone … :rolleyes:So … we're able to look forward to some SRTs – Furie style, eh? :cool:Hmm … what about … stream of consciousness … ? You could scare a lot of people like that … ;)(BTW – how could anyone misinterpret your earlier post … ? I don't get it … :confused: )

  3. *taps Rose on the shoulder*Excuse me madam, I and my two compatriots are looking for a pussy to eat. Would you happen to know where we can fin…*wakes up in hospital with a fractured skull*How rude! 😡

  4. When you post about rape games and the possibility that they are having some sort of positive effect, there's plenty of room for misinterpretation. 😦 Don't think anyone did this time, but it was worth mentioning.SRT? :insane: But the test came back negative… :yes:

  5. Pussy to eat?How could anyone misinterpret that … ? :lol:(You're going to have some really scary HitsLink results from this post, I suspect … )

  6. *shoves the fainted cat in the oven, pays Rose for her part in this dinner, and starts work on the gravy*Yeah, I get some weird searches every day. Can't think why. :awww:

  7. *Kicks the bleeding wolfie and escape through the window* :p Hey Kitty wait up lets bomb his palace.. :devil:

  8. Actually, you could destroy something very dear to me at this moment, Kitty Z. I'll tell you about it in a moment so you don't do it by accident.

  9. Not telling anyone but my Blogthingy mods. I may tell you guys some other time when it wont cause chaos though.

  10. You're gonna tell them that you put the cat's brains in a hallucinogenic liquid and it's dreaming of blowing this joint? That's just mean :awww:

  11. Cat and wolf too. I'm having a stew. :chef:.Finally got warnings out to everyone in the group. My dodgy connection didn't help. :irked:

  12. Feels good to post on the edge sometimes 😀 I've tried a to write a stream of consciousness post now and then, but it gets a bit incoherently circular :left:

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