What Price A Life?

How much is a life worth? Or, how much punishment should one have for taking a life.

Consider a group of four teenagers who break into the house of someone they call a friend, while the friend is out of town on a day trip. After trashing the house they find his baby sister asleep in the house and decide to have some fun. One of them picks up the little girl and puts her in the microwave. Another one switches the microwave on and starts cooking the baby. The baby wakes, screaming. After four minutes of watching the baby screaming in agony, one of the teenagers mentions that perhaps they should take it out. His friends ignore him and he makes no move to stop the torture himself. After ten minutes the child is dead. What sort of punishment should these teenagers get for that action?

The above story is true by the way with only one difference I’ve made to make a point. It wasn’t a baby that these creatures microwaved, it was the family’s cat. Has your estimation of the punishment they should get gone down at all? I hope not. These monsters broke into a house and microwaved the family cat for a laugh. They listened to it screaming for four entire minutes before one decided it wasn’t as much fun anymore. They didn’t bother stopping until ten minutes had passed and the cat had died in the most horrific pain. What kind of punishment do you think these “children” deserve?

Yeah, prepare to be disappointed. The person who put the cat in the microwave got a one year probation where he isn’t allowed to be outside between 9pm and 6am. The person who turned on the microwave got the exact same sentence. The two who stood by and watched both got nine months of the same treatment. Woo, that’ll teach them eh? Anyone else think that the bastards should be microwaved?


17 thoughts on “What Price A Life?

  1. I heard a story similar to this years ago.I can't remember the exact details, but it went something like this:A woman microwaved a cat (one of her kittens, I think) and at the trial, she repeatedly insisted that it was a big accident. The cat had jumped into the microwave of its own accord and, even if that were believable, for some reason it wasn't her fault that she closed the door and turned on the microwave. :furious:As I remember, the sentence for that case was a lot worse than this one (although I don't remember specifics). Makes me wonder why these teenagers got off lighter for it – surely they weren't partially excused because of their age? :furious:

  2. The punishment should be the same, it was a living creature, and what they did was pure cruelty. :furious:(I was thinking that it had to be a fairly big microwave for containing a baby, but ok… 🙂 )

  3. They appealed because part of their probation meant they couldn't play violent videogames without parental consent. One of the kids played a hockey game that could be construed as violent so they appealed that the sentence is "too harsh". 😡

  4. :yuck:After reading this entry I just don't have the stomach to read comments. :awww:.How callous does someone have to be to do such a horrendous thing? :cry:.

  5. Would it be wrong to hope one day they bake alive in a desert after fleeing from a lion or something?Words fail me.

  6. The judge who determined such a pathetic sentence also deserves microwaving …same as them. In cases of obscene cruelty like this, the punishment really should fit the crime.

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