When Kira suggested to her boyfriend Alik that they should get married she wasn’t happy with his answer. Alik said that it wasn’t a good idea, explained that he still had feelings for his first wife with whom he had a son, and said that he thinks he should get back together with her. Kira was a little upset at this revelation. According to the website, Kira tied several fireworks to Alik’s penis and lit them. The resulting explosion blasted Alik’s penis off.

Okay, now I realise all the guys here are reading this paragraph through empathic tears and with crossed legs, so I’ll ask this question to the girls.

How in hell did this happen?

The guy’s just told his girlfriend he’d prefer to be with another woman yet still let her close enough to his genitals to do something like that. Yes, he may be stupid enough to think she didn’t mind his admission, but surely the alarm bells started ringing when she took advantage of that proximity to tie not one, but several explosive devices to that area? And when she lit a match he still didn’t realise something was wrong?

All hail Alik – stupidest man in the world!


29 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. :lol:.Too bad he already has offspring. :lol:.BTW, I think the politically correct term is 'intellectually challenged'. Or you could say, "just plain stupid". :devil:.

  2. It was firecrackers. Several. She's facing 12 years in prison, and he's in hospital where doctors are fighting to save his life.

  3. This is either not true or the "firework" was actually a firecracker. Otherwise, he would be :rip: along with his "pride". Well, on a bottom line he better be dead in any case :left::insane:

  4. Just read more on the story. She invited him round for a goodbye meal after they broke up, got him drunk and did this. Suddenly this story goes from stupid guy to evil woman.My understanding of russian wasn't good enough to pull those details before and I couldn't find the English posting of the story until recently.

  5. Give him one thing. He at least admitted he'd rather be with someone else and ended the relationship instead of the usual deal in these stories of trying to have his cake and eat it. Of course his timing couldn't have been much worse…

  6. Okay Mik, I'll give him that. But hey – I think he said yes to the goodbye dinner because he hoped for one last … umm… you know. Don't you??I mean, come on. A girl wants to marry him, he says no, and she invites him to a goodbye dinner?

  7. he was stupid and she was a bitch from hell.hey Mik, do you know how to use opera mobile? if so, i could really use some help. thx

  8. Wow, folks, this story has definitely stuck in your heads 🙄 It's just bread and ham I bought for breakfast, come closer and see 😉

  9. Gone. In a blaze of glory. :insane:.Actually, this post, together with the kiddie cat killers, reminds me of that incident in South Africa where some ______________ decided to shove a fire cracker up a dogs anus. :irked:.Sadly, the dog died. :awww:. However, the culprits were prosecuted. :left:.

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