Patience is one of my strong points as you all know. Hey I’m trying to talk here, stop all the laughter and rolling on the floor. Seriously, I can’t hear myself type. :irked: Are you quite done yet? I’ll wait…

All under control now? Good. As I was saying I can be quite patient with things, usually right up to the point that I explode. I don’t let anger build up, it’s either there or it isn’t and there’s no middle ground. I’m not the sort to pace the floor waiting for something as I’d rather get on with doing other things. I throw myself into projects to take up time and forget about what I’m waiting for. It usually works right up until the night before I’ll be getting what I want, when I just can’t get it off my mind.

And so, when I was one of only fifty people worldwide to win a £600 phone (the Samsung i8910 HD) as part of the Ambassador’s program for that phone, I allowed myself a moment of quiet celebration and just got on with my life, saying that I’ll celebrate when the phone is actually in my hands.

That was the first of the month and we’re now approaching the end of the month. Since then, I’ve had people in my life (both online and offline) getting more and more irate that the phone hasn’t arrived yet. They’ve even started getting to me. Considering my problem with sunlight, I started thinking that the phone wouldn’t arrive before I was unable to show it off the way it deserves to be as I’d be spending most of the time in the house. As such, I mailed the company in charge of the promotion yesterday and was informed this morning that the phones should arrive from Korea in the next week or so and that they’ll be mailed immediately.

So yeah, my phone is on it’s way and when it arrives you can expect me to go in depth with it in ways others wont, detailing both the tech and everyday use experience of the device. A device that is currently the most technically advanced phone on the market (until the Sony Ericsson Idou, now known as the Satio, is released at the end of the year) with the most powerful operating system and some awesome software updates. A phone that I’d never be able to afford. A phone that I’ll be pushing to it’s limits.


41 thoughts on “Patience

  1. I bet you don`t have nails on your fingers by now 😛 :lol:Anyway, it will be interesting to read your reviews about the phone :up:

  2. :lol:*sniffles and wipes eyes*Oh dear… :DMan, that was funny…—I am glad that the phone will arrive soon. :up:

  3. Not yet. Once it arrives they have some activities to do, mostly to make sure we do something ambassador related I presume. But I'll be concentrating on it my own way primarily, more in depth than I'll have gone with a phone before on this site. As S60 touch is the OS that the first Symbian Foundation models will be running I'll take a good look at the operating system as well as the hardware, with a special place for all the manufacturer system replacements. I've tried not to find out much about this phone as I want to approach it as a new user for the sake of the articles, meaning my posts are in the role of giving an inexperienced point of view as well as in depth. It's difficult for someone like me to skip stories about something I'll be owning soon, especially a phone.

  4. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews of the phone. The wait is soon over for me as well, as I'll buy the new Nokia N97 in July.Oh and the Sony Ericsson Satio, what really sucks about it is there's no USB and no minijack. Who the heck releases a smartphone without that these days?

  5. Right, I've got word that USB connectivity is included in the Satio. Also, interestingly it wont be openly marketed as a traditional business oriented smartphone (something it's more than capable of), instead going down the imaging route due to it's camera and shoved in direct competition with the iPhone for it's media capabilities and online mix (uploading images to online albums and downloading the comments to your gallery, etc). Looks like SE took a few tips from Nokia in the marketing department.

  6. Yep, with clues to finding them hidden on the web. Give it a search and you may be lucky.I swear I've seen a plastic letter N just lying around somewhere recently and since I found out about the competition I've been racking my brains to remember where.

  7. They were in the original design. I hadn't heard anything about them being removed. I'll see what's happening.By the way, you heard about the 97 N's hidden round the world, each swappable for an N97?

  8. The first image on this page confirms it.And actually, no. Never heard of them. Are there like real N-letters lying around different places waiting to be found?

  9. I used to have a SE K800i and the camera knocked other phones down in their socks. I'd expect nothing less from Satio this time.But it doesn't matter if I don't find any N's lying around. I can afford the N97 anyway.

  10. I agree. A phone doesn't need more than 5MP at this moment in time, when they're crying out for some really decent imaging software and a full editing suite. Optimising the speed of the cameras is more important than anything. Usually if you take a shot with your phone it's a quick snapshot of something you don't want to miss (the original reason phones have cameras) yet some of them can take a whole ten seconds to start the camera plus a couple of seconds to focus and five to ten more seconds to process and save the shot. Not good at all.Once those issues are out of the way and the phone cameras are really in line with regular cameras then they can start improving the resolution bit by bit, keeping the user experience in line with how it should be.

  11. The new phones with the 10MP or more are just going over the top. Focus on the quality first once you reach 5MP, otherwise it's just a waste.

  12. At last, someone that realises I'm patient. I've been waiting eight whole hours for someone to bloody recognise that. 😡

  13. Originally posted by Furie:

    It's difficult for someone like me to skip stories about something I'll be owning soon, especially a phone.

    Well it's a good thing you're patient, then. 😉

  14. 3.2MP has only just become the expected standard for feature phones, so for it's day it was magnificent. :up:

  15. :lol:"Last night Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan came down to Earth and told me that if Mik wasn't patient that he'd melt my brain … "

  16. "Last night Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan came down to Earth and told me that if I didn't make a familiar comment that he'd melt my brain … "

  17. I wish I was patient :awww:Have fun with the phone, and thanks for reminding me (again) that I need a new one! :p

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