The Leap Home

You know, I think one of my neighbours must’ve bought a box set of Quantum Leap and has been playing it loudly while I slept because I woke up this morning with the theme tune in my head and I can’t get it out. Could be a lot worse I suppose. After all, they could have bought Lost In Space…

You know Quantum Leap predicted the future (the highest accolade for a show about time travel) in some ways? Many people count Star Trek as the science fiction show that predicted mobile phones and, while it’s true that the communicators in the Star Trek series were one of the original inspirations for mobile phones, they didn’t predict the way that people would use them. The characters in Star Trek are so calm when they use their technology. It’s one of the reasons that they got it wrong and one of the reasons Quantum Leap got it right.

Remember Al the hologram in Quantum Leap, played by Dean Stockwell? That little handheld device he’s got to link back to the main computer, that keeps freezing on him in the middle of sentences, causing him to hit it in order to get it to start working again. Now those are the mobile phones I know! I’m loading a page in Opera Mini and suddenly it just stops with 43/68KB loaded, meaning there’s still some text I can’t read and an image that hasn’t loaded. I start banging the phone with my palm, trying to shake loose the extra data that I know is just waiting for me to disconnect before it starts to try loading. It’s the natural reaction of anyone faced with disobedient technology and I think I’ll probably miss doing it if we ever enter the Star Trek era where everything works first time without any problems. How about you? Would you prefer clean interaction every time or something a little more unpredictable?

***leaves the post, walks around a corner and seems to start talking to a brick wall***
Al, why haven’t I leaped yet?
Uh, Ziggy says you have to make the animal bloggers admit they’re really human first.
Don’t worry, I’ll get ’em!


28 thoughts on “The Leap Home

  1. Ah, a great show :D:sst: but Ziggy also says there's a 5% chance you're supposed to trick Cois into having the famous nipple as his background CSS image :left:

  2. Bangs phone against table, muttering, "If you show me a nipple thats not attached to a female, you're going to sleep with the goldfish!" :irked:

  3. "you have to make the animal bloggers admit they're really human first."Cats, wolves, hamsters, monkeys, lizzards, frogs….. even a tree :eyes:You will have a lot to do :left:

  4. I miss that show.. On the last episode that aired we had a blackout :irked: been meaning to look for the last ten but it slipped my mind.. :awww:.I'm NOT an animal by the way :left: Supernatural being thank you very much :happy:

  5. But, I seem to recall the Star Trek Communicators were always failing. Well, when the plot called for some drama. They'd need an emergency Beam Up. "Beam us up! Beam us up! NOW would be nice. Okay, so they can't hear us right now." :insane: And the Transporter was broken more often than what it worked. Did you ever notice that Beaming Up or Beaming Down worked independently of which way those levers on the Transporter Panel were moved? You'd think that moving them forward would be for either Beam Up or Beam Down … and moving them backward would do the opposite. But, Nooooooo! 😆 They keep moving them forward & backward no matter which function they want … as if they were winding up a Jack-in-the-Box or something.

  6. It's the future dude. Energy sources have been depleted so they need someone to manually crank the system. If the guy doesn't do it long enough then whoever hasn't been seen on the ship before gets their Doom ratio increased to 100% and will likely not return from the trip. :awww:

  7. Ahhh yes, the Expendable Personnel. They'd beam down some generic-faced dude who weighed 120 pounds along with the group and he was supposed to be Security. 😆 How did they appear in the credits? Kill Off Bait Guy? :jester:

  8. "Ensign Red Shirt, you go that way. Spock and I will meet up with you on the other side of that rock." :eyes:

  9. … and in the quartermasters office, the quartermaster fires up his replicator due to the low inventory of Red Shirts. :whistle:

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