The Best

I have a way of thinking about things that’s almost unique in both it’s simplicity and complexity. A motto that governs the things I do in my life and my view of the world.

“Every day in every way I’m the best there is at what I do.”

Part of that may sound familiar to comic book fans as it’s a direct Logan quote. While the comic book fans debate over whether I’m ripping off Wolverine or not, the rest of you are thinking that I’m talking out my ass. No, it’s okay, don’t deny it. It’s a perfectly reasonable and human way to look at things. How can I possibly be the best eh? I must have a massive ego if I think that. There’s billions of people in the world. Surely somewhere out there is someone that’s better at every single thing that I’ve done. Maybe so, but the cold hard fact is that I’m telling the truth when I say those words, just not the truth you think you’re hearing. When I first met Kim and she first heard me say that, she asked me a question. One simple question that transcended all the reasonable human reactions and dug at the very core of the philosophy I have in my life.

“What do you do?”

And there we hit the jackpot. What is it that I do? What is it that I claim to be the very best at? You want to know the answer, don’t you? Even though the majority of you never even thought to ask that, you want to know the answer. What I do so very well, is to be me. It’s that simple and yet that complex. I am me. No-one else can ever come close to being me. Simply by living my life I’ve accomplished something that no-one else can ever hope to. We all do it every second of every hour of every day. We live our lives and touch others lives in subtle ways that no-one else can, yet everyone is always comparing themselves to everyone else, usually jealous that others are better than them in some way. Why? Why must humanity put itself through such needless self-degradation when they should take pride in their lives the way I have? It’s as easy as making a promise to yourself – a vow and an affirmation of belief in the one constant in your lives. Fourteen words that should be on the lips of every human being who has an ounce of self respect. Fourteen words that will lift you up when you fall and drive you forward to a better life.

“Every day in every way I’m the best there is at what I do.”


29 thoughts on “The Best

  1. Yeah, and I improve myself better than anyone else has ever improved me too. :up: All self doubt is something positive as it leads to self improvement. Those who wallow rather than act on that self doubt are usually judging themselves by their view of others. I've never seriously said I'm perfect.I'm not sure I understand what you mean about fighting myself though?

  2. For some weird reason I knew you were gonna say you're the best at being you :p.But seriously Mik.. What DO you do? ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. Will you stop calling everything a crucifix. It's a portable DVD player and… Why are you wearing it on a chain around your neck? Have you nailed your son to it again? ๐Ÿ˜ก

  4. Oh, I'm fully recovered. My healing factor …… uh … ;)No, I was just thinking what you were saying is quite profound.

  5. I like to hide the wisdom gathered during my many lifetimes beneath a thick layer of sarcasm and jokes. It keeps the Illuminati off my track. :up:

  6. Originally posted by Mik:

    I must have a massive ego if I think that.

    And you do. But you're right anyway. :respect:

  7. :yuck: Who decided that thinking of yourself in relation to another man's genitals and ejaculation is good for the self-image? :lol:.Ever seen the old Wacky Races cartoon with Dastardly and Mutley? I set traps all along the way when I was a sperm. :up:

  8. "Simply by living my life I've accomplished something that no-one else can ever hope to."So true. But there is another sentence one man said almost ten years ago. He said we are all winners. We won the race against hundreds of thousands spermatosoides and got first to the egg. I like it. It is nice to remember that before any race we intend to run. We were once a winners so we can do it again :up:

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