Okay here’s the deal. I’m comfortable at ten degrees celsius (that’s 50 degrees fahrenheit). Anything above that heat and I start to sweat. Anything above twenty (68 fahrenheit) and once I’m out of the heat it’ll still take me an hour or so to stop sweating plus I get drained of all energy throughout the day.

As today was 29 degrees (84 fahrenheit) I was in hell. Days like these I really miss my ice cold beer cellars constantly cooled with fans that have blades the size of me. I spent the majority of the day indoors studying CSS and failing miserably at an experiment I was running. I did manage to set wolfie up with something pretty awesome and recode this page a little so it loads better and works more universally. And yeah, that’s about all I’ve got the energy to type at the moment.

It’s just too hot.


40 thoughts on “Hellfire

  1. It is 13C here with rain and it was like that for a whole day – so if you want to change I would be happy :irked:

  2. Dude.. You won't last a summer in South Africa :lol:.Guess we're opposites in the fact that if temp drops a couple of degrees I feel shit cold! :insane:.Put up the code just now so have a look see :p

  3. We've had 25 degrees C here today, and I've loved it. I've walked around barefoot in my office, and it was just great! :happy:Btw, there seems to be something wrong in the top of your page. The top bar menu is so low that it interferes with the text in the post.

  4. It keeps appearing there occasionally, Tils. I don't know why as that code hasn't changed. :confused:.What's happened to my avatar Carol?It seems to be working on Mini, dude. Have to wait for the PC owners to comment though.

  5. hmmm…I appear to be invisible on my own blog but visible here :alien:. The bugs are more subtle with this release, but still pretty :doh:

  6. I'm starting to get used to a wide range of temperatures, but it's still been a pretty sweaty day :ko:I don't see your avatar on PC at the moment, Mik. I see they've done something with the avatars to split them between two sections/servers…as they did this with the banana release and I've seen this problem intermittently since then, I blame that.

  7. Seems fine. On the right just as you were talking about a couple of days ago. Some avatars have been loading as a single vertical line one pixel wide, inside the avatar boxes. Is that what you mean, Carol?Regarding your phone, I've noticed that too (but it seems fine now).Cois' blog looks pretty damn good! :up:

  8. Okay, is anyone else seeing the top section of my theme appearing as the image behind my last comment? 😡

  9. Working out some problems I was having with Clint's page helped me cut this one down a bit. :yes: I like creating for other people more than creating for general release as it's harder and teaches me more.

  10. I've been experimenting with the comment boxes. I thought a switched avatar layout on alternating comments would look quite cool and distinguish between them more, but didn't want to mess people's comments up while I experimented so I only applied it to mine. I just need to indent the member name a little more and it should look fine.There is a reason I'm experimenting with this but I wont reveal it just yet. :whistle:.Thanks for the screen David, I found the problem. It was just a slight miscode in the comments section. Been making a hell of a lot of mistakes in this heat.

  11. Ah, I didn't specify how tall the topbar should be. Presumably using the same image without height pushed it down on inferior browsers. :p :p :p Try now. :up:

  12. Hmmm, I'll have another look at the code. See if I missed something. Does Clint's have that problem, cause I use similar code there?

  13. I have reloaded several times, and it looks like this on all the four computers I've checked it on. Perhaps it is Firefox – but if it is, then it's just weird that it only pops up now. :confused:

  14. Okay, I think that just needs to be reloaded. Nothing has changed in the code to cause that change, although it did happen the very first time I applied the code but refreshing got rid of the problem.

  15. A refresh later – and nothing happened. Cois' page looks just fine. Well, don't bother if it's only me who has the problem. I can live with guessing where the buttons are! 😀

  16. I'll download Firefox on Tuesday and see what's going on. The purpose of these changes was to make the design more accessible for more people not less accessible. It's probably something simple like the placement of the lines of code, but without seeing what changes are being made as I change things I can't really do anything.

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