Pre Release

I found this story on a news site late last night and just had to share it.

Looks like someone was desperate for a Palm Pre. There is no need to hurry, if you know about the Palm Pre you will most likely be able to get it tomorrow. Locate all the stores carrying Palm Pre in your area and decide which ones youll go to tomorrow. I hope that lady gets her Palm Pre.

An elderly woman apparently couldnt wait to get her Palm Pre from a Calumet Park cellphone store. She only suffered a few scratches, but the store didnt fare so well. The woman drove her car right into the store, smashing the front windows and stopping completely inside. Employees Jesus Leal Jr. and Rich Kelly were inside when they got the surprise of their lives.

“It was a complete shock … they helped her out of the car and 30 seconds later police and fire dept all got here, Kelly said.

“The best way I can put it is when youre watching a movie and you see a car go through a display, its everythings in slow motion. You didnt look, you just see glass shattered everywhere, Leal said.

The store, at 12842 S. Ashland Ave., is getting ready to release the new Palm Pre on Saturday. They said they’ll clean up and hope to be able to reopen by 8 a.m.

These days companies (both new and returning) that have a new phone try to hype it up before release to the point that everyone wants one. The hype for the Palm Pre swept over me early on and, seeing where it was going, I made a conscious decision not to add to it by posting anything about that phone here.

Don’t get me wrong, the phone is a magnificent mixture of both form and function. The operating system has some great features designed around what people need to do rather than what looks good in specifications reviews. But it’s not the sort of thing that’s worth wrecking your car for, or getting arrested. Save that for the first Symbian Foundation release, with the Direct UI control system where you don’t even have to touch the phone to do things.

Oh, and use somebody else’s car.


11 thoughts on “Pre Release

  1. use somebody else's car.

    Lots of useful daily-life tips, as ever. :yes:If you're still interested in getting testimonials, you can quote me on that. :left:

  2. Already used them for the Kindle edition of my page. :up: I was character limited so had to cut them down loads. :irked:

  3. Well, the writers find their stuff for tv shows like csi or law and order normally at or and sometimes in local newspapers.

  4. Well, you need inspiration and it's stunning for the tv watchers when the plot sounds some familiar to them.

  5. Don't all shops have concrete blocks on the pavement now to prevent smash and grabs? :p.And usually, people use stolen cars for this type of crime. :whistle:.

  6. I'm interested enough to want to have a play around with a Palm Pre…but I don't think I'd buy one based on just what I've read online.

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