56 Trombones, Erm I Mean Stars


As this post keeps getting comments so long after the fact I thought an update to the story was needed. The tattoo artist was innocent after all. Kimberley eventually owned up that she regretted the tattoo after her parents saw it and so she invented a story to get out of trouble. See the comments for further details.

Kimberley Vlaminck from Belgium is a normal 18 year old girl who wanted to get a tattoo for her birthday. Her father, upholding some form of family tradition of tattoos, agreed that she could have one and she decided on the very tacky three stars near her left eye tattoo. As you can see from the photo on the right, not everything went to plan.

Kimberley claims that she fell asleep during the tattoo procedure and woke up with fifty-six stars on her face. “It’s horrible. He’s turned me into a freak. I can’t go out on the street now without people looking at me.” Kimberly sobbed, completely missing the point that any facial tattoo makes people look at you by definition. She is currently suing tattooist Rouslan Toumaniantz for ten thousand euros as compensation to pay for laser treatment, although even that is likely to leave her scarred for life.

As with all news stories featured on The Dark Furie, there’s another side to this story of an evil tattooist taking advantage of an innocent girl. Rouslan claims that Kimberly was awake during the entire procedure and checked the mirror several times to see how the design she wanted was coming along, never once complaining. He also says that she was happy with the work he’d done until she got home and her father went mad and her boyfriend dumped her. I believe him but most people wont because… Well she’s a young girl who’ll have lots of innocent looking “before” photos of her to show in court and he looks kind of like a cartoon.

“She absolutely agreed that I tattoo those 56 stars on the left side of her face but she is unhappy and I do not wish to have an unsatisfied customer. There is a way to remove tattoos with a laser and I accept to pay half the cost.”, Rouslan told journalists as a press event. Another customer has been questioned by the police and backed up Rouslan’s claim that Kimberley asked for fifty-six stars. Why aren’t those two facts reported on most of the news sites that talk about this story? Well, isn’t an evil tattooist taking advantage of a young girl a much juicier story than a kid making a mistake and blaming others for it?

All I know is this – I’ve had a few tattoos in my time and never fell asleep during any of them. I’ve never had a facial tattoo but do know they hurt a lot more than regular tattoos. If Kimberley is telling the truth about falling asleep during the procedure then she was probably very drunk or very stoned, probably to get some courage, and not really capable of saying for sure that she only asked for three stars.


99 thoughts on “56 Trombones, Erm I Mean Stars

  1. "If Kimberley is telling the truth about falling asleep during the procedure then she was probably very drunk or very stoned, probably to get some courage, and not really capable of saying for sure that she only asked for three stars."This is what came to my mind. It must have been painful as hell and sleeping during that could be compared with sleeping at dentist, without painkillers. She must be lying :left:

  2. He says he'll be getting written consent first from now on.You're right about the dental analogy. There's no way anyone sleeps through that.

  3. The artist looks like a bloody freak. :insane:.Either she's lying, or she was stoned as hell! :eyes:.I'd say the latter is a distinct possibility since your average sane person would have to be stoned to let someone who looks like that do a face tattoo. But of course, perhaps if she intended to have her face turned into a mockery of the american flag, then that's exactly the kind of tattoo artist she'd have been looking for. :left:.Certainly, a more conservative tattoo artist might simply have refused such an obviously foolish request. :insane:.

  4. I surfed today and stumbled over that story as well. There's one point you're missing in all this. Why would a tattooist make more than the costumer asks for? What would he get out of that? I mean, he won't be paid for it, and he gets an unsatisfied costumer. The only purpose I can think of is "for practice", and honestly, he doesn't look like someone who needs someone else to practice on. *shrugs*

  5. Yeah and it's not like those inks are cheap either.What do the fifty stars of the flag stand for? I heard they stand for something but can't remember what now.

  6. Costs of ink, artist not getting paid for the extra work, bullshit on falling asleep during having a needle repeatedly jabbed into the sensitive skin of her face, her father got mad and her boyfriend dumped her so she regretted it, etc.Logical points.Unfortunately, there are times when courts don't produce logical results …

  7. I've never defaced myself with tattoos, but I was always led to believe that it wasn't the sort of thing that you could fall asleep in the middle of. :no:Personally, I'm thinking that this is a case of Kimberley going overboard with the original plan – maybe there was a spite element, wanting to make an impact (who'd notice just three stars after all? Best to do your whole face to make people notice you :rolleyes:) or maybe she was indeed on something.In any case, I'd wager that she originally didn't realise the long-term implications of her rash decision. Now that it has finally dawned on her, she's looking for a scapegoat. :irked:

  8. :doh: I knew that. It was the stripes I wanted to ask about. I'm having a bad day. Mik sleep now. See you all sometime before the end of the universe. :zzz:

  9. And by the way.. I use stencils for my work and if that dude used it the customer would know beforehand what the tattoo would look like.. Haven't seen anyone do very precise stars freehand anyway..And I've never put beers on anyone's chest clean! πŸ˜† although I can tell you a story about a girl.. :whistle:

  10. Nope.. But I do have a contract stating that I'm not to be held responsible for movement errors, aftercare, mad parents etc. All the people I've tattooed have been adults anyway. No kiddies no how. IF there were they'd be accompanied by an adult anyway..

  11. Do you get written consent from people, Cois? You know … just in case you put too many beers on a person's chest? πŸ˜‰

  12. :left: I've had a dude fall asleep with a chest tattoo but circumstances were he worked 2 shifts and had a few beers (yes yes do not tat under influence but the tattoo was pre-chosen a while back)Anyway.. David pretty much summed it up. Just do what you get paid for and that's it :whistle:

  13. That's a point. Every tattoo I've had or seen done has been transferred on my body first then gone over in ink. I'd forgotten about that.

  14. @Mik – the stripes were for the states also to begin with. When the flag got to be 15 stars and stripes someone with a little more vision conjured up what a flag would look like once they got up to say… 30 states. Pin stipes. So they changed it back to just 13 stripes and said that they now stand for the 13 original colonies.Come back tomorrow when the lesson will be: "Rubbers – Do you double-wrap?"

  15. The media here did report his side of the story. I do agree – her falling asleep during a facial tattoo is just unbelievable… πŸ™„

  16. Face tattoos are rather tricky.. Don't think I'll do'em without protecting myself properly..The younger the person the more stupid the request usually. Eg. Youngish women wanting their boyfriend's names on them. That I flatout refuse except in the case that the person died or it's a family member like a parent.

  17. That's where Carol said it. Told you it wasn't the other post. :p.Nope. This is designed only for me, missing features that I don't use myself. If anyone else used it, it would have gaping holes in the design. What is it that you want from the design specifically?

  18. Yeah, I've seen the first episode of season 3. What the hell is he doing? It looks like psychic surgery. Theoretically he couldn't gain abilities like that. :confused:.I used to be able to read minds Kitty. Then one day I was passing a cat on the street and woke up powerless a few minutes later. Kim says I was screaming about bus stops, train stations and exercise bikes but I can't remember any of it. :awww:

  19. Nope, just to understand women. Let's face it, that smiley could have been anything from "Give me chocolate or die!" to "Isn't life wonderful?" depending on the time of month. :p

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