I’m A Guru

Congratulations, you are now the ultimate Zu fighter!

Greetings from ShoZu furie!

A Guru is a person who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in an area, and uses it to guide others. You are a Guru of ‘owning the moment’ – the Bruce Lee of ShoZu.

It’s been a pleasure watching you master the Art of ShoZu. As such an active user, you inspire us to make this service even better. We’d be honored to
know what you think about this experience and about ShoZu.

Dear Shozu,
Thanks you for promoting me on your archaic scale just for doing what I was doing before you came up with the idea. The fact is I’ve been a guru in many ways for years now, especially when it comes to mobile technology and never needed your false accomplishment.

Ah, you are bowing to my knowledge of your service now that I’ve used it enough to be a top rank member? You want to know what I think about this experience. Okay, here goes.

If you really really really want to make this seem like an achievement, make it much harder to reach Guru status. Guru is level 10 and the day the “Zu Fighters” promotion started I’d already reached level 6 as you backdated some invites and uploads. Oh yeah, a free top of the range phone would be a much better graduation gift than an e-mail as well.


21 thoughts on “I’m A Guru

  1. I'm a guru too but they sent me nuffink :mad:.Seems they're gonna start charging for ShoZu for new users that download it..

  2. Yeah, but only from Ovi Store to start with. And upgrading your current program through the settings wont cost anything so it's worth holding on to the SIS file for new phones/installs etc.Kim wants to know if you've won the phone from Nimbuzz or not? Apparently the third person couldn't be gotten in touch with so they're contacting someone else.

  3. I'd say fingers crossed for you but Kim needs a new one and she's rooting for you in this one so I'm rooting for her.Hey, found a use for the iPhone. She's been entering competitions to win one cause the trade-in price will net her the phone she wants new plus £100. :yes:

  4. I think I started calling you a guru quite some time ago. :left:.Of course, I don't have the cash to buy you a phone that you'd be impressed with. :p.

  5. found a use for the iPhone. She's been entering competitions to win one cause the trade-in price will net her the phone she wants new plus £100.


  6. Moe, the £600 unlocked phone I've won trades in for £150 less than the £350 locked to O2 network iPhone does. The trade in price for the iPhone is £349-£400 meaning there's profit in that there rock.Don't you Aadil? The requirements for a phone to impress me are that it does it's job and does it well. Different phones are impressive for different reasons with some pretty cheap phones getting featured on this page simply because they offer something different and well done. What phone do you have by the way?Don't joke Darko. They actually rewrote that song when they started this promotion. Philistines! :bomb:.Bruce? Bruce…? You think I'm the Almighty, Rose? :wizard:

  7. Heh. I was thinking about the Monty Python sketch where all the Australians are named Bruce, making fun of American beer.You know the one… Why is American beer like making love in a canoe? It's fucking close to water.:p

  8. Originally posted by Furie:

    They actually rewrote that song when they started this promotion.

    They did??? :faint:

  9. TV out is great. I recently found out the phone I won has both that and the ability to plug in a mouse and operate it that way. :yes:.I take it you've heard about the free Quickoffice upgrades for E-series users?

  10. I'm still using my Nokia E65. This is my fourth phone (in my life).My next phone must have a pal output. :angel:

  11. Originally posted by Furie:

    tentacle shrink

    :awww: Dont worry, Tenty! You'll grow strong again in no time!

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