Coffee In The Summertime

And I love to live life pleasantly,
Live this life of luxury,
Lazin’ on a sunny afternoon
In the summertime.

That pretty much describes me today. I’m chilled out indoors. We’ve done some housework that we let pile up, and now we’re just chilling out with a coffee and a cigarette.

Meanwhile the sun blazes down, burning all the yobs who spend days like this filling themselves with as much beer as they can and slightly cooler days plastering fake tan all over themselves to get that “healthy” orange colouring that so many of them aspire to.

On a day like this you just know that some long haired idiot has his top off, shoes and socks off and is strumming the two chords he knows on his guitar while sitting under a tree and feeling like he’s the next big thing.

Clones and whores (see left) roam the landscape drinking as much as possible and wearing as little as possible just to prove how grown up they are.

Seriously, what is the deal with people drinking so much when the temperature rises a couple of degrees? Do they think they’ll find a free gift or something?

Let’s have a listen to the sounds of the city on this sunny day shall we? So quiet today. Oh wait, I think I hear a native coming this way.

“I don’t give a fook oo’s watchin’, I’ll give yer a slap right now!”

Yeah. That’s how he talks to his girl after a couple of beers. And me? I’m just chilling out with coffee.

In the summertime.


19 thoughts on “Coffee In The Summertime

  1. I am home now after a long day. Having a cup of coffee, enjoying in sudden storm raging over the Belgrade, looking after some freshness that will replace hot summer air. I feel so good now :happy:

  2. Ten minutes after writing this post I managed to boot my coffee off the table and all over the floor. :awww:

  3. It is Yulefest, the only bit of winter I'll have for a while. :awww: I'm working on a new christmas theme to add to the phone around Christmas but can't find the animation I'm after. 😥

  4. Do those two children in that photo realise that they look like boys wearing makeup with those flat chests of theirs? :insane:.

  5. That photo's actually there to show the guys in it. Look closely and you'll see they're the same person in slightly different clothes.

  6. Yeah, I put a 250×250-ish size up as it fits better. I remember now, I changed the wording from just "clones" to "sluts and clones" when I changed the size.

  7. The photo's too small to see any good detail. :awww:.Actually, :sherlock:. I think you've only posted the thumbnail.

  8. Yeah. That's how he talks to his girl after a couple of beers.

    How does the beer change the way he talks to her … ? :p

  9. Well, for starters it gives him the guts to do it in public and not care if someone were to see him do it and make him pay.

  10. Combination of culture and mental/emotional abuse. :left:.The scares of emotional abuse are often so deep that the victim still exhibits symptoms years after being successfully extricated from the abusive environment. :awww:.Unfortunately, emotional abuse is used against men, women, children and even animals. :irked:.Relatively independent people can even be drawn into an abusive relationship and come out meek and submissive on the other side. :awww:.I saw a documentary once about one of the states in the US that has a controversial law that makes it illegal for a couple to get back together again if the woman had previously open a case for abuse against the man. It's a shame that laws need to be created to protect people against themselves, and that sometimes, innocent people suffer because of it. :left:.

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