Ho Ho Ho

Seems like just yesterday I was posting a complaint about summer, and now Christmas has rolled around again. Season’s greeting’s folks.

Happy Yulefest guys!

80 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho

  1. I was confused with a design of a Dark Furry`s blog :eyes: No dark at all :left: :right:And it is snowing :yikes:

  2. *ricochets a snowball off Carol, round a corner and onto Karen*:p.She's killing lava golems on Star Ocean at the moment and the rest of the team keep using fire spells and healing it. If I attempt to pass on that hug right now I may not survive. :awww:.You've been too naughty, Kitten. One of your albums got made public for a minute or two and I've seen why so many people end up on your page while looking for porn.

  3. Onto Karen? Where did that come from? Anyways, I said 😎 meaning I like your design and you didn't answer me, that's why the snowbomb. :p

  4. Pony?!(>…<)+ You'll get what I give you!!I don't have a pony……….Ride the kitty or something….:P:lol::lol:

  5. :hat: Happy Happy Happy 😆 *scrape all the fake snow into a huge ball, rolls it down the hill onto Furtopia. Watching as it grows bigger and BIGGER* :devil:*hides high up the christmas tree* 😀

  6. It doesn't? The cat's being very naughty with the right boob. I thought you'd seen that as you mentioned your claws were in.*holds up a giant hair dryer and solves the country's drought problems*

  7. Just realised it was fake snow.. :devil:*gives a evil grin while the melted plastic washes over Furtopia*:D

  8. Technically Mik, it's not even 1's and 0's. It's just two different voltage levels. :p.Hey Shigen, is there space in there for me?

  9. Looks like 1s and 0s to me. Green ones and zeros in fact. I can remember when all this was nowt but data. :psmurf:

  10. *huffs and, after carefully checking Dan isn't around, puffs and blows the imaginary fort down*How long have you called a pencil a bazooka? 🙄

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