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I haven’t posted here in a few days. Did you miss me? What do you mean “Oh, were you gone?” – admit it, you were all crying your eyes out. Gits! For those wondering where I’ve been click here and all will be revealed. I won by the way.

We stumbled on a videogame sale last Monday (I should really start posting these so others can take advantage of them) and picked up two games with a combined RRP of 75 for only 23. A nice saving of over 50. It’s given us something else to do while most of Opera is away for the summer. Man, I hate this time of year. Hardly anyone is online and, although my visits don’t drop, I barely get any comments. It makes me hold back on posting things I’ve worked on for a while.

I’m still playing Star Ocean 4, which we managed to get a couple of days early last month. Over a hundred hours into that and still having fun in the first post-game dungeon having finally beaten both the single and team arena tracks (anyone looking for tips on Ashley – play as a mage and run around for twenty minutes constantly raising and healing. It works.). One of the great things about the Star Ocean games when compared to other Japanese RPGs is that you’re constantly discovering something new and working out how to incorporate it into your play style. Having just discovered a skill that lets me duplicate any item I’m now looking for ingredients to create some ultra powerful accessories for my guys with an eye to duplicating them later.

Had a parcel arrive at my door unexpectedly the other day. I was sure it would be the Samsung i8910 HD that I won for agreeing to be an ambassador for the phone and showing off my talents. I grabbed the parcel from the mailman, slammed the door in his face and moonwalked to the nearest table to open it. Seeing the contents of the parcel brought me back down again. The S60 Ambassadors initiative that closed down recently had sent me a parting gift comprising some cool little toys, two further t-shirts and a load of stickers. Cursing everything involved with that parcel (Particularly the moonwalk, and we all know how that turned out. Sorry Jacko fans.) I slumped into a minor depression for the day. The whole idea of an ambassadors program is that the ambassadors have the phone before anyone else and show it off to people. I’ve had an e-mail telling me that Samsung are just putting the final touches to the generic software (the currently released versions have Orange branded software that removes more than a few features from the phone) and that the phones should arrive from Korea any day now, but that just means I’m constantly seeing the delivery taking place while I’m out of the house and threatening passing delivery vans for not recognising me and stopping to give me my phone. Can you tell that my legendary patience is wearing thinner as the phone gets closer to arriving?

I’m currently in the process of uploading my mobile game files so that anyone can use them. Once that’s done I’ll be posting a review of a game complete with a download link rather than just a notice for the select few on my mailing list. This will allow me to distribute these games to a much wider audience than the constraints of my mailing list allow, although it will be quite a while before I start swapping over to this system. As always these games, despite being full versions, are quite early and are distributed by me as trials only for you to determine if the games are worth your money. If you enjoy the games I urge you to buy the full versions from the retailer. This will give you the latest version of the game code and the satisfaction of doing the right thing, while knowing in advance that you’re paying for something you actually want instead of a half-baked product relying on it’s brand name to sell it.

Oh yeah, and I just uploaded another voice post. I’m still getting to grips with the best way to do it so bear with me while I experiment.


42 thoughts on “Stuff & Things

  1. Originally posted by Mik:

    I won by the way.

    You did not! You cheated! :mad:I think it's kinda boring here during summer as well. :awww:

  2. Uh huh. Well, I won't tell what I did in your shoe to get even.But I'd walk barefoot a couple of days if I were you… 😛

  3. I'm reading your posts… but I don't comment much.. it's either I'm not too familiar with the topic or my internet connection is slow. I'm reading your posts via feeds here in Opera.I remember waiting for my steelseries mouse…. but it never came…. NEVER. I went into a 30 minute depression after that and decided never to be HOPEFUL ever again 😥

  4. You won it here, didn't you? Tell Espen. I won a t-shirt here that never arrived and when he found out he looked into it and sent it out for me. :up: Girls, they're so dramatic. :rolleyes:.*sees Carol hiding in the corner and waves*If you did what I think you did in my shoe I'd see a doctor right now. Even I wont go that close to them with any orifice. :insane:

  5. It'd be better if my other phone wasn't messed up and I hadn't been downgraded to this one that's struggling with what I do.

  6. Sorry to hear your phone is late but if they say any day now…. your favourite patience is on probation, it seems 😀

  7. :waitingfodozensofpostsonOmniaHD::wait: I hope you get at least a month with it before they actually release the thing :knight:

  8. Ah, yes i can see it on for £529.99 :ko:. There's not a chance in hell of me buying it or any phone at that price.

  9. The cynic in me says they're telling people they've won the phone so it'll be mentioned a lot by them, before they announce they don't need ambassadors anymore. 😥

  10. No, i think that's a little too cynical. I don't think it would be wise for them to ignore what are probably all phone obsessives with well-read blogs.After all, most of the mentions you've given it since then are about you winning one, not about the rumoured wondrousness of it, so it's not like they're getting free 'OMG this fone will totally rox' publicity. I expect the other winners are similar. If you all don't get one, this could come back to bite them.

  11. Originally posted by Furie:

    You won it here, didn't you? Tell Espen. I won a t-shirt here that never arrived and when he found out he looked into it and sent it out for me. Girls, they're so dramatic. .

    I'm too shy to ask Espen… 😦

  12. Then you go without. Espen's a nice guy, but he's not psychic. If you don't tell him there's been a problem he'll go on thinking that everyone got what they're after. Worst that can happen is he'll tell you it was sent out and they've got no more. Or, you may find out that yours got lost in the mail room and they've found it now that you've spoken up and will post it to you.Go on, send him a quick message or you'll never know.

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