Life is like a box of chocolates:

  • It’s a gift and if you think the person who gave it you doesn’t want anything in return, you’re sorely mistaken.
  • At first the box is so exciting. You pull off the paper and look at all the options open to you.
  • A moment of kindness makes you open the box to people you know, offering them the choices that are open to you.
  • When your family and friends get stuck in, taking all the good stuff, they leave you with only the choices that no-one else would choose.
  • You look at your box in surprise, wondering where all the good stuff went, checking out the menu to see what you’re missing out on.
  • The box ends up in the trash a lot quicker than you thought it would, and you’re left with nothing while everyone else is still savouring what they took from you.

I want you to remember something guys, just because you’ve finished one box of chocolates, doesn’t mean you can’t go out and get another, being a little more careful who you let get involved with this one. Go on, treat yourself.


16 thoughts on “Chocolates

  1. I wonder – if it's the same pieces of chocolate that's always left in the box – why do they put them in in the first place? :confused:*runs to buy a large piece of chocolate* :happy:

  2. Nice to see you're all taking my advice. Lesson 2 on the road to enlightenment involves doing laundry. :up:

  3. If your ego sufficiently substantial to support you body weight, then can't really be 'ego' can it? :sherlock:.*observes Mik's suprise as the 'cloud of ego' dissolves away, resulting in his crashing to the floor.* :p.

  4. *sends a cloud of something floating menacingly at Aadil and re-establishes his super-ego cloud to fly around on*

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