Cutting Down – A Beginners Guide

In 2007 Al Gore, a renowned environmentalist, organised a series of concerts with the idea of informing people about the problem of global warming. Over a hundred and fifty musicians took part, singing songs for the concerts then being interviewed about the changes they’d made to their lifestyles to combat global warming, such as powering their houses via solar panels or cooking their food using only the power of Julia Roberts’ massive ego (the last renewable energy source).

As the concerts went on around the world all 150 artists plus technical staff were flown from venues, travelling a total of, wait for it…

222,623 miles!

Impressive isn’t it? And now for the big revelation. That total travel distance was for them to get to one venue on one single day. In one day, these concerts that were designed to help people understand the need to fight global warming, pumped a total of 31,500 tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Compare that with the average american (the highest carbon emission producers on average) who releases 20 tons per year and you’ll see where the problem lies.

I hear that the tickets for the concerts were printed in seal blood ink on panda skin too.


29 thoughts on “Cutting Down – A Beginners Guide

  1. Mik, You failed to mention Al's electric bill of $2,300 per month.He has no plans to cut down on this because be pays for carbon credits. He pays this to a company in England that he established and owns part of.In other words, these concerts are just advertising for his company.He thinks he is going to hood wink everyone just because he invented the internet.I'm glad that people are starting to notice.

  2. its high time people read and understand what the people with "mega-bux" do to exploit their companies, their so-called saving of the ozone, etc.they need to have their money locked up for a week and made to live like a poor person, and made to see what they are doing to the world.granted, its not only the rich and powerful that are doing it, but how can the poor help, when we don't get enough money to help.we the poor also have no say-so as to how our money is used once we donate to a cause.after donating to causes, is when you find out that the money you sent isn't beoing used for the cause you sent it for, but is being used to fill the rich bastard's pocket that started it in the first place.

  3. On the other hand, he, as the representative/owner of the company, is playing with a fear people might feel watching his movie. It might not be too hard as, for instance, the fear phamaceutical companies are spreading about new viruses and bacterias, but plays at the same side.At the bottom line, what could you expect from a politician….

  4. I don't really get Carbon Credits. Being so paranoid about my emissions :devil: that I don't even want to expend energy researching, I pose the following question: "Aren't Carbon Credits just a big wank?"

  5. Lets hope he never campaigns against rape. :insane: 150 music industry stars, beating down our doors and having us, no matter how hard we struggle. It'll be like that weekend at Elton John's all over again. πŸ˜₯

  6. Maybe it's a kind of "you have to spend money to earn money" idea behind it? Like – you have to pollute in order to make people more aware of pollution… :p

  7. Like I said, he didn't invent it. I can't actually see how people can take what he said as a claim to inventing it when put in context. He's obviously talking about setting initiatives in progress and funding key technologies. Which makes me suspect the misunderstanding was a deliberate attempt to discredit the guy.This is one of those first or right moments I've been talking about. Someone took something out of context, probably deliberately to gain a political advantage, others have continuously spread it around and now we reach a stage where it's pronounced as a fact without question. The people that originally start these things or pass the story on knowing it's false really piss me off cause they're deliberately spreading misinformation. After this long of hearing things like that I can expect people to take it without question, but people must have questioned it originally? Are they that blind to the possibility that people use stories like this for political gain that they'll just accept any "fact" they're given by their favoured politician?

  8. Ah, I'm sorry. Al Gore did say, "I took the initiative in creating the Internet." I heard him. The statement was yet just another "Look-at-me", I'm great," Of course he really didn't mean he made the Internet. He means he voted for it, like 180 other senators. :)Gore is such a self serving twit, that only he brags about it. People know he didn't say or even mean he invented the Net. They just like making fun of him for being a pompous ass. Think about it… the guy lost to George Bush.

  9. Originally posted by clean:

    "Aren't Carbon Credits just a big wank?"

    :yes: they are … nothing more and nothing less

  10. Being fair to Gore (if only because he has an awesome name for politics), he was asked what he'd done and all politicians do that crap anyway.

  11. You can't lose to George Bush. It's impossible. The fabric of time and space would rip open and we'd face a history filled with illegal wars and excuses about a deity telling the president to go to war and restrict freedom, if that happened.

  12. i think it's ok to watch "the inconvenient truth" so long as soon as it's finished you go get more popcorn and watch "THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE";)

  13. Always get both sides of an argument and assume they're both at least partial lies. It's the only way to make an informed decision. :up:

  14. After the Mass Effect incident I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. The game has a tastefully done sex scene, the old sort where you see clothing coming off a shoulder and people kissing as they lie down. Nothing graphic at all. Not only that but you have to build a relationship with the character during the romantic subplot to experience it, something I missed out on a few times that I've played it due to not following that path or missing a single part of it while busy with other things. Fox reported it as outright pornography being forced on unsuspecting children, based on a blog post by someone who hadn't even played the game. 😑 The game almost got banned due to that.

  15. typical, they seem to label whatever they want as whatever they want, or should we say what rupert wants πŸ˜‰

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