Drugs are big business. This is just as true in jail as it is in the outside world. People will always find a way to smuggle contraband in and money out, whether it’s the old classic tennis ball trick or something a little more…direct.

Twenty year old Robert Finley tried the most direct approach yet. Theorizing that prisons were designed to keep people in not out, Finley filled a bag with cocaine and marijuana then set out to Miller County jail and proceeded to start cutting through the fence with a pair of bolt cutters.

Moments away from getting inside, Finley was caught by Arkansas state trooper Scott Clark and spent the next 319 days awaiting trial at the very jail he’d been trying so hard to get into. He was then sentenced to five years imprisonment in an Arkansas prison.

How this man was found mentally capable enough to stand trial is a mystery to me. Did he seriously think no-one would notice him in the jail, wandering around selling drugs? There’s one born every minute eh?


13 thoughts on “Jailbreak

  1. Even if they hadn't noticed him selling it, if he was caught trying to leave then he would be spending a lot longer in there than he originally hoped. :doh:Plus, if he did get in then wouldn't the inmates take the opportunity to escape? There'd be no one inside for him to sell to. 🙄

  2. Jailbreak isn't quite the word I would use for some idiot trying to break into a jail. "Jailbreak In"? 😆

  3. Originally posted by Furie:

    I wonder if he had a tattoo explaining his plan?

    😆 That's pretty witty even for you, Mik.

  4. Not that far fetched either. Someone once used their one telephone call to call the police station pretending to be the governor and arrange a pardon and release. It worked. 😆 Hmmm, where did I leave that link…

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