Unboxing, Fairshare & Bad Mood

It arrived. After much frustration, one death threat and several months of waiting my new phone finally arrived. I’ve never really been a fan of unboxing posts on technology blogs before, but I know a few people like them so I’m including this here. So then, lets see what we get with the Samsung i8910 HD, shall we? Just for fun I’m going to imagine I’ve paid the six hundred pounds asking price for this phone or signed up for an 18 month contract.

That’s the start of a post I should have already put up today except…

there was some confusion over your address, but it’s been rectified so it should be with you asap!

It’s seven at night as I write this and the phone still hasn’t arrived so I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to be showing up today. The image is from the All About Symbian unboxing by the way. As you can probably guess, I’m in a bad mood. I waited in all day today for this thing and, while everyone else got it and started getting to grips with it, my stupid address messed things up with the courier company.

In other news:
I work hard on my blog. I try to write interesting posts, articles and the like and keep it updated almost every day. Sometimes I’ll post cartoons from sites that allow it, or tests I find, but mostly I’ll write the best articles I can. I don’t do this from the comfort of a PC, able to easily copy and paste entire articles from Wikipedia or news sites. I do it from my phone, painstakingly typing in each and every character that you read with my phone’s keypad. So, when I see blogs that use the constant copy and paste technique it irks me a little.

And when I see blogs that have copied my content word for word well… Let’s just say I’m more than a little annoyed. Yeah, it linked back. Yeah, it wasn’t the entire post so people would visit the original to read it and probably actually boosted my readers. But come on, how about asking instead of me finding out by Fairshare alerting me that someone’s stealing my content? There’s an e-mail link on the sticky post of this page specifically for things like that. It’s common courtesy and doesn’t make me visit in a bad mood because I’m expecting a thief.

I’m just not in the mood for this shit today.


48 thoughts on “Unboxing, Fairshare & Bad Mood

  1. I did see it… I just thought you were confused – because there was a photo of the package. :awww:Sowwy… 😦

  2. Why the hell would anyone want to copy a personal post, describing what you're doing?! :confused:Sorry, but that's plain stupid and makes no sense!Congrats on finally getting your phone! :up:

  3. Weird eh? All I can think is he's automated it to pull posts that mention specific terms.You missed a bit by the way. 😦

  4. The postmen know this place, so that's no problem. Problem is with GPS, couriers, taxi drivers, businesses and things that need to put our address on computer. The address is weird, it doesn't make sense. Our block of flats is one of four identical, unnamed blocks. And they're on two streets with the same name. We have a flat number, the name of the plaza, then street number and street name.

  5. Oh, and address confusion is really common with our current address – we've had some really major issues since we moved.

  6. Who told you they had address confusion? Sounds like a lame excuse. Didn't other ambassadors you had tracked down also miss their phones?As for that blog – how weird. All it contains is posts written by other people and claims to be wanting to update people on barbecuing :confused:

  7. And I though, after first paragraph, that your phone arived :(Then, this excuse…. :irked:I just followed the link on the page you put there, I can see he linked your post as the original, down there. But why did he make this post anyway? And then linked to original….:faint:

  8. It happens. If it doesn't arrive tomorrow morning I'll mail them. After tomorrow night I'll have to wait until after the weekend to actually find out what's going on. So far everyone else seems to have received theirs.*nibbles on cookies and pulls puppy dog face*

  9. This entry was written by Jason

    I so want to leave a comment there calling 'bullshit' on that, but he probably moderates comments, so it wouldn't end up showing to visitors in the future to see how he steals content and attributes it to himself.(I saw the 'Here is the Original' link … but then, to say underneath 'written by', when it should say 'copied and pasted by' … :irked: ).Gosh, Mik! Maybe he was doing you a favour! Linking to your poor, out-of-the-way blog post so you could get more hits … :rolleyes:Did you contact him?

  10. :lol:Pity it's all automated (like you said – on keywords) and he won't actually be following your blog and see these comments. πŸ˜†

  11. I love how badly it was copied. If you're going to copy someone else then you should at least do it properly. His "version" breaks off mid-word. :rolleyes:Originally posted by "Jason":

    plastering fake tan all over themselves to get that β€œhealthy” ora

    :keeps quiet about the fact that when he casually glanced at the picture, the first thing he thought of was the world's most expensive brick :o:

  12. And it's been in my sweaty paws for about half an hour. Typically it arrived as I hit send on a complaining e-mail. πŸ˜† It's bloody huge!

  13. Hmm … when it finally comes to the official release date, I wonder if they'll be as tardy, because they're not doing too well at the moment.

  14. Yep. After changing the language from Italian I had a bit of a play then put it on charge. Gonna try a firmware update in a minute then head out to the shops. We need some stuff that I missed out on yesterday.I found out from the packaging and courier that they got here yesterday, realised they had the address but not the flat number. I guess that means the DHL truck outside my window yesterday was looking for me. :irked:

  15. :hat: Glad you got it.Confused as to why you didn't go out and talk to the driver to see if he was looking for you.

  16. Because I was told it was coming via a different delivery company. Using it to write this comment. I'll say this: I doubt this will be able to keep up with my blogging needs.

  17. Because I was told it was coming via a different delivery company. Using it to write this comment. I'll say this: I doubt this will be able to keep up with my blogging needs.

  18. I'm having a little trouble getting used to it, but it's more down to Opera Mini than the phone. Using Mini 3 now and it works beautifully.

  19. Woo hoo! Never has Mik been so excited over the fact that something came! ;)Kimmie, How odd is that (that people can buy it before the testers get a hold of it)? I would have thought the testers were the 'final word' as to performance of the product before the company actually starts final production (i.e., I thought testers got a prototype). :confused:

  20. Hmm. Did you get yours with a TV cable? If you did I'm so damn envious. I didn't get one. And those things are next to impossible to find.Let me know how Opera Mini works out for you. It clogs up after a few pages for me.

  21. The European charger that came with it has put a hold on any vigorous tests until I get a UK charger. I can say that it survived a three foot fall to the floor though… :doh:

  22. I'll swap you a TV-out for a video editor… I know the phone has one but it wont allow me to use it. :irked:.We're ambassadors, not testers David. Our job is to show off the phone to people. Having said that we were told we'd get it before it went on sale.

  23. Ahh! OK. Got confused. Somehow thought Ambassador was fancy was of saying Tester. :doh:Are you prepared for your furious day of testing, then? Thumbs limbered up? Thermos of coffee nearby slung over your shoulder with a long straw dipped into it? Deep Heat for your hands afterwards? πŸ˜‰

  24. Nice of 'em to get region-specific with your phone. Not like they know where you live, or anything. πŸ™„ So … you have to get these extras out of your own pocket?

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