First Impressions – 24 Hours With The i8910 HD

  • Hmmm, the box is tiny. I was under the impression that the phone was quite large. The card feels a bit flimsy too. Normally a phone at this level has a quite sturdy box that just oozes quality.
  • Oh ye gods, it’s hoooooge! This box must be a TARDIS!
  • Aaargh, my eyes! I’ve never seen a phone with such a bright screen. Lets turn it down. Okay it’s the darkest it can get and it’s still burning my retinas.
  • Firmware version is dated last month. Why did I wait an extra month for them to finish the firmware then? Oh I can download the new one via the PC Suite? Yeah, that’d be handy if my PC was online. S60 5th edition can handle over the air firmware so why isn’t a phone at this level taking advantage of that?
  • Time to charge and it seems I’ve been sent a European charger. Luckily I do have a PC to plug the USB cable into and charge that way. Kim’s hit Amazon and found a cheap charger but until it arrives I’ll have to keep the PC on overnight.
  • Hey, where’d all my memory go? Oh my god, charging it downloaded all the music on our PC. Hey, when did we get Elton John songs?
  • Why can’t I edit videos with this? The phone should have a video editor somewhere but it wont let me edit anything. As the ambassador missions are video based that’s kind of a problem.
  • I can’t get over how easy this screen is to use. Every touch works perfectly, even through the screen protector.
  • Nooooo! 😥 Opera Mini, my most used application, doesn’t work! Damn you Opera. Why did you remove the on screen joypad? Keeps seizing up after a couple of page loads too.
  • Hurray, Mini 3 is out of retirement and working well. It’s still a tiny bit finicky but it actually lets me do things.
  • Ooo, love the new e-mail system. It’s not quite as slick as Nokia Messaging, but a hell of a lot better than the original S60 e-mail application. Folder support in IMAP mail is especially appreciated.
  • The Contacts application has some interesting extra details. I just spent ages entering birthdays for contacts but they don’t show up in the calendar, only on the birthday widget which is bloody awful looking.
  • Widgets are alright but they aren’t consistent. The default calendar widget links directly to the calendar but any of the downloadable extra versions don’t. Presentation versus functionality at first glance but I’ll stick at them for a while to get a real feel for them.
  • MySpace. The phone supports MySpace. :yuck: They should take a hundred quid off the asking price simply for that.
  • This on screen keyboard isn’t as intuitive as it should be. It’s easy enough to use but I think I prefer the T9 style to the QWERTY style.
  • Nooooo! I dropped it. Well, more of a juggling throw than a drop, but the end result is the same – it hit the floor at speed. No damage thankfully. Tough phone.

55 thoughts on “First Impressions – 24 Hours With The i8910 HD

  1. That review style is very irritating you know 😆 am I reading twitter updates or a Mik Furie's excitement of a new phone? :p

  2. We demand Opera Mini 4! Lets form a crusade and invade the Opera Software headquarters.Although I believe two guys yelling in the reception area would look a bit odd.

  3. It's only first impressions rather than detailed in depth reviews. More detailed stuff is to come later on. I've reverted to the T9 keypad on this as the QWERTY lost the original post and I threw this together on my other phone.

  4. "Hey, when did we get Elton John songs?"They come in a package with a phone :devil: Well, if they put support for My Space then why not Elton John songs 😛

  5. Let's just do what everyone else does when annoyed. I'll flood the forums, you tell them you'll leave and set up your own site/browser if they don't sort it out soon. :up:

  6. So it's one 'juggle' (drop) for everything you don't like about it (the drop occurred on the MySpace one? 😆 ) and one gentle pat with soothing words for everything you do … ? ;)Has he slept at all, Kimmie? Or has it been 24 hours straight with the new toy … ? 😉

  7. I can show you what Lil Mik looks like if you want, Janitor? :angel:.Can't order pizza on the phone. The one thing I don't use phones for is calling.

  8. May take some time before that starts. Once the prelims are together I'll post them and see what people think.

  9. He's not alone! I seldom make phone calls and when I do it's only because text messages are hard to understand on a land line. :p.

  10. Sorry, it just sounds funny to me. I'm old, remember?Why wouldn't you? Than I guess you should love the phone that didn't work making calls. :p 😀

  11. He was being sarcastic, I think. It is funny to see someone say they don't use their phone for calls. The word, "phone" is used for a call-making device after all 😀 . I don't use mine for calls either 😆

  12. Ask Telkom :left:.It was their brilliant idea. :insane:.Can't understand why they didn't just develop an SMS terminal instead. :confused:.There's enough crazy git's out there to sell such crap to. :p.

  13. There was a graph someone made once about how they used their mobile: A tiny percentage was on using it as a phone, a slightly larger percentage on text messaging, and the greatest percentage on … checking the time (which was funny to me because it's pretty much how I use mine).

  14. Am I the only one that uses a mobile? :rolleyes:.qlue.. Those text on landlines are bloody nuts to even to try and make sense of :doh: who was the brilliant ass to come up with that one?

  15. Aadil, the watch phone thing is about to become really popular. Already major phone makers have developed their version of a full cell on a watch. Personally, I think it's a bit pointless to have internet and photos on a screen about an inch big! Carol, I use mine mainly for going online and timekeeping 😀

  16. I once wanted to break up a old mobile and lay it along my arm as a 'wrist phone' 😆 ok it the concept sounded nice in my head but my skills are lacking into actually accomplishing such a task :awww: if there ever was one with that large a screen then I'd get it.. No more losing of phones and the other side would have a few Wolverine claws just because I can :whistle:

  17. The only downside to a watch phone would be you'd only be able to type * with one hand while wearing it … unless the wrist you're wearing it on could do some sort of Reed Richards type thing … * Remember, children? Nobody actually used their phone for phone calls; it's all computing, messaging, etc.

  18. I use my phone for texting and gaming, mostly. I talk in it occasionally, but not very often. I use the GPS when I am lost, and the calendar a lot, in order not to forget appointments and notes.

  19. I know you started this as a serous (at least for you) first look at a new phone but…What a concept for a post!"How Do You Use Your Cell Phone?"email and geocashing for me.

  20. Does anyone know how to connect a Nokia E65 to a linux netbook? :left: I tried using JoikuSpot to create a wifi hotspot but it couldn't detect it. :awww:.

  21. :p. you're a twat just for saying that. :p.I'm trying some Linux hackery to get my mobile to behave as a usb modem. :faint:.It's a steep learning curve! These things have come a long way since the Commodore 64. :sigh:.

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