Optional Media Applications On The i8910 HD

The media options on the Samsung i8910 HD are the standard S60 ones including all the standard applications. However Samsung has seen fit to provide their own versions of a few applications in order to make the phone stand out further from the rest of the crowd, including a new gallery application. After a bit of playing around I found some of these new applications to be much more friendly than the standard options if a bit limited, while others stood out in the simplicity of the improvements.

Media Browser is Samsung's version of a gallery application. As you can see from the shots it's quite an impressive looking application, showing off plenty of graphical excellence (the technical term for the stuff that makes people jealous when they see it but gets annoying quite quickly when in use). The application even has the ability to flick through the images and videos contained within it by using the built in accelerometer. What this amounts to is tipping the phone to move side to side. I can't think of any use for this feature apart from showing off the phone to others. Yes, it's eye candy but it's not useful at all. It didn't take me long to go back to the basic flawed S60 gallery application from that.

On the other hand, the media player is both a joy to use and packed with eye candy that's actually useful. The following screen shows just how important music is to my enjoyment of a phone followed by the basic music player application in action.

It's a great little application with all the functions that are usually present in S60 music players, and a few of the faults too (when oh when will we get album art searching and downloading?). Several sound effects are available that take good advantage of the phone's excellent built in speakers, and earphones. There's even a couple of basic yet appealing visualisations in there.

For a music player it's pretty standard fare for S60 phones (although the touchscreen widget for the frontscreen makes it a joy to use) but Samsung have thrown their mark on the application with one small yet major addition. Turning the phone on it's side while music is playing changes the display to show all the covers to all the albums you have on the phone (in my case, mostly the purple stand-in screen when you haven't downloaded album art) which you can slide between easily until you find the album you're interested in.

When you do find the right album a single tap will open it up to show the songs on that album and allow you to play them from there, similar to the system used in recent iPods.

It's a simple yet elegant addition to an already excellent application, and really adds to the music selecting experience.

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24 thoughts on “Optional Media Applications On The i8910 HD

  1. You are having a lot of fun with it :DI would just checked how to make a phone call and send text message, install Opera and Gmail and…. that`s it :left:But this is why I will never be ambassador…

  2. Sounds like a dream though the eyecandy factor is always present I see.. Would you recommend it for heavy users?

  3. So far it's powerful enough for heavy users, but most third party applications are only just starting to be transferred over to S60 5th edition now so it's not quite ready to be used by heavy users.

  4. Automatic album art searches just don't do the job, do they? Doesn't matter what device you're working on, many of them are not what you're after. I've taken to copying and pasting from the relevant Wikipedia article's picture of an album …

  5. Ah, you misunderstand or I phrased it badly. We can't edit the album art at all on the phones. Well, to be fair we can on some S60 phones, including this one, but it's a shell application and doesn't actually apply the album art to the album itself so it can carry over to other devices.Also, with all the different social media networks they've put on there, you'd think they'd have added just one place we can get album art from. :irked:

  6. :eyes:Damn! That one seems to have it all? What can't you find with it?(I entered obscure Australian audio in there like Redgum, John Laws, Noiseworks and even Bullamakanka and they all – surprisingly – gave me covers).

  7. I can find everything I want and I can apply them to the songs but it's only temporary on that device. Should I need to apply them properly I'll need a PC at the moment. Finally got all my songs sorted by downloading through Mini, transferring to the PC, editing the songs and transferring them to the phone. I have to do that every time I get a new song.

  8. I'm not explaining it well… You can edit the details of any track on the device, changing album name, artist, album art, genre, etc but it doesn't actually affect the file. All it does is create a shell of details within the music player application that displays when the song is played. This is permanent as long as the song is on the device, but sending, uploading or moving the file elsewhere only sends the core file and leaves the shell behind. If I were to move a song to a PC or send it to another phone, delete it and then put it back on, the shell wouldn't apply anymore.PC applications like Windows Media Player allow you to add details to the file itself by coding them into the file. Most people still think that anyone with a smartphone has a PC to load files onto their phone with, so the general thought is that it'd take more work to create a music player capable of recoding all the different file formats than it would be worth.

  9. Originally posted by Furie:

    but it's only temporary on that device

    I don't get it; everything else in the media player seems to stack up really well, based on your review – why would they not give you the ability to permanently add cover art when it's such a fundamental aspect of the way most people organize their music?

  10. Hm! So … one of your recommendations to Samsung, then? Particularly in light of the fact that people can replace a PC with a smartphone?

  11. At some point. Due to Kim's illness we've been cut off from our primary wi-fi source since before I had this thing meaning I haven't been able to upload the videos for the extra ambassador's contest, or download the latest firmware. They're working on one now that should bring the phone up to the standards that were promised. Once I'm able to download that I'll review it properly and add in hopes for the future.

  12. Anonymous writes:Hey Fury, im not a computer wizz or anything alike, i havent been able to load the album art ffrom media player at all, all i get is the purple face….what do u recomend?

  13. I put mine on using a PC. If you mean that the album art hasn't transferred then I really haven't a clue, sorry. Haven't used this phone in over six months now. Apart from the PDF reader, my 5800 is better for me.

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