Cheesecake Day

My calendar today announced that it's Cheesecake Day. Whether there's some obscure celebration of cheesecakes, or I was looking forward to cheesecake and accidentally set it as an annual event I have no idea, but simply seeing "Cheesecake Day" on the calendar cheered me up loads today because I'm a big fan of cheesecake, particularly plain old vanilla. I'm off to find out what the deal is. See you in a while.

Okay it seems that Cheesecake Day is an unofficial national holiday in the States, started by the Cheesecake Factory to sell more cheesecake. Well, it's a good idea so I'm declaring it a holiday in all Furtopian countries. And a quick browse around the web has come up with a dish that both fits the day and sounds absolutely delicious.

Let them eat cheesecake.


55 thoughts on “Cheesecake Day

  1. I have only had cheesecake a couple of times, but I liked it. :up: I just checked, it seems they also have a national cookie day, in December. I'm looking forward to adopting that habit! :yes:

  2. My cousin from Rijeka, Croatia, makes the best cheesecake in the world. Well, on a second thought it was probably the only cheesecake I have ever tried…. :left:I am VERY hungry now :chef:

  3. Yay! Love cheesecake but the good stuff is so rich you can only handle about three bites before the nausea 😆

  4. Welcome to cheesecake day guys. Using Jesus' fish and bread trick as an inspiration along with the magic of the internet, I shall feed not just 5,000 people, but everyone who visits this post. That's right folks, just grab that slice up there in the post, take it as often as you want, and it'll remain there to feed almost everyone who shows up here in the future. :wizard:

  5. Interesting. I made a post late on the 28th but got no comments. Kim said it hadn't shown up on the watchlist at all so I reposted yesterday in a new post. Today I edited the old post with some new content and it still isn't showing up. I've found a black hole. :insane:

  6. Cheesecake should have a whole month dedicated to it. I'm thinking perhaps that it should be;. . . July, August, Cheesecake, September, . . .:whistle:.

  7. You don't realise that i've realised that you haven't realised and my realisation is realised so try to realise that you haven't realised :happy: :left: uhm.. :left: what? :p

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