Problems With The i8910 HD

Note – This is using firmware version XXIF7.

You may be wondering what all those are. Well take a look at the following photo.

That's right folks, both the gallery and ringtone selector are recognising the Accuweather web runtime widget as files they should be displaying. Removing the widget makes no difference and the files can't be deleted anywhere I've found. In fact the only way to remove them is to perform a hard reset on the phone.

This isn't an isolated incident either. With no widgets on the phone it started to recognise the built in Podcasting application in the same way. And the worst thing is that the file appears in these applications 96 times. Very annoying. A problem like this should have been sorted out way before the phone was shipped, and shows just how immature the firmware currently is.

Other problems exist such as missing or unfinished features. One that really annoys me is the task manager. In the instruction video included with the phone, clicking the centre button opens the task manager which appears as a carousel of screens showing the open applications. However, in the current firmware clicking the centre button opens the default S60 5th edition task manager (which I've already replaced with Handy Taskman). Add to that the lack of a video editor (which was included in the early test models) and the bizarre choice of wiping the hard drive when a hard reset is performed (Nokia S60 phones preserve the mass memory data during a hard reset) and losing all your data unless you've backed up to a PC, and you've got a phone that isn't quite ready for release yet.

With little problems such as these I can't really recommend this phone to anyone who would use it as their main device. Sure, these can be fixed in future firmware updates, but this phone doesn't support over the air updates meaning you have to have a connected PC (which I don't have) in order to use the phone as it's designed to be used. For what is currently the world's most powerful smartphone, that's ridiculous.


17 thoughts on “Problems With The i8910 HD

  1. The task switcher was present in the demo versions of the phone. The people demoing the phone would launch the task switcher from an extra menu folder on the demo device. After trolling the web for videos featuring the task switcher, I figured Samsung must have removed it from the phone in the release firmware.As for the Opera Mini problems, I've found it to be somehow useable if you press the end call key when it gets slow and run Opera Mini again. The page you were viewing should be listed in the Opera Mini history.Perhaps I should wait before trying web runtime on the phone.

  2. It was friggin weird! :p was with the Shiny Black theme and around 9 but the time showed 6:20 when I changed themes. The time was correct on Taskman though so go figure πŸ™„

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