Added Elegance

I've been fooling around with the i8910 for a while and looking through all the default folders because I'm a curious bunny. While doing so I found that Samsung had included a new font on the phone as well as the default S60 fonts, and that got my hopes up to do something I've been trying to do for a while now – install a new font myself.

Original S60 phones had that as one of their basic capabilities. However, when the first round of mobile viruses started doing the rounds S60 3rd edition added new security features that stopped many things like that from working, with the overall view to protecting the public from harmful downloads. It's a pretty good deal for the sort of person who barely uses their phone for anything more than text messages or calls, but very frustrating for a power user like myself.

As you can probably see from the screenshot that adorns this page I've finally managed to change my phone's font and the best thing is that this is done via a trusted application so it's perfectly harmless. Unfortunately this does mean that I had to buy the font in a special package from the application;s built in font store (which only has about 30 fonts available at the moment) but it did give my phone a whole new fresh look and I personally think that's worth the money in a way that themes aren't.

The application is Flip Font and it's available for free download here. The download includes a couple of time limited free fonts to let you trial the service. While they don't explicitly specify where you should install the application it didn't work for me until I'd installed on the phone memory. Once you've got the download you can select a trial font, exit the application and then restart your device. Once the phone has been started up again the new font should show up on the menus and in most applications.

Go on, make that old phone feel like new again.


26 thoughts on “Added Elegance

  1. The font name in the application is Zapf Chancery. After confirming it wasn't a cat virus, I paid for the font and downloaded it. There are some ways to do this for free but they mostly involve hacking the phone or paying for a subscription service.

  2. According to that website, I can download it from ovi store. :left:.but I can already change my font :whistle:. All I do is hack the memory card and voila! :yes:.

  3. Note the hack part. The problem there being you're giving a font direct access to your phone's firmware. All it'd take is someone redesigning and distributing a few font files and your phone is fucked.It was due to be added to Ovi Store this morning. I don't know if it got there or not.

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