You Were Warned

A French teenager has been injured by his girlfriend's exploding iPhone, little more than a week after Apple was accused of trying to suppress news of an exploding iPod Touch.

According to the AFP, Marie-Dominique Kolega contacted Apple after her son was hit by a flying piece of Jobsian status symbol. Apparently, the iPhone made a hissing noise before the screen shattered, sending shards through the air. "My son was frightened but he did not lose an eye," Kolega told AFP.

Earlier this month, Liverpudlian Ken Stanborough told The Times of London that after he contacted Apple about his daughter's exploding iPod Touch – which made its own hissing sound before rocketing ten feet in the air – the company said it would refund the price of the device if Stanborough and daughter signed a confidentiality agreement banning them from publicly discussing the incident.

Meanwhile, a recent investigation from a Seattle TV station found that at least 15 people have complained of fire and burn-related iPod incidents. This info was culled from an 800-page Consumer Product Safety Commission document, and according to the TV station, Apple lawyers tried to suppress that too.

Source – The Register.

Everything I have to say on this issue has already been said over and over. I warned you guys, not out of some rabid fanboy mentality but because I foresaw the future, but you didn't listen. The future is now the present, the corporation is suppressing evidence of it's shoddy workmanship and illegal practices, people are being injured, the corporation has ignored thoughts of compensation and is offering a refund only if their victims sign agreements allowing them to be sued if they talk about the potential lethality of their devices.

You were warned…


18 thoughts on “You Were Warned

  1. Pah, they want to refund them with the iphone's price when they got their mouth closed? Every talkshow would pay them the 3-fold when they talk about it.

  2. In other news, French teenager's girlfriend (and an unknown number of other iPhone users) arrested under suspicion of terrorism-related offenses for owning an IED … 🙄 😉 😆

    "My son was frightened but he did not lose an eye"

    Lucky him. Every time I'm frightened, the things shoot out of me like bullets!Seriously, of all the things that could've happened to him, I was most concerned about whether or not he'd lost an eye … :lol:Imagine if it had cost him an eye, though. Quoth his girlfriend: "Oh, great. Now two of your heads have one eye … "

  3. I should talk to our boss. Guess he thinks everytime when it gets warm in his trousers that it is the decollete of his secretary. But perhaps it is his iphone.

  4. Just found this:

    Technology giant Apple rejected reports on Friday that overheated batteries had caused some of its iPhone devices to explode in users' hands, blaming incidents in France on "external pressure".

    A huge multi-national not accepting responsibility for a possibly dangerous product? Unheard of! :eyes:

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