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We woke up today to find that Kim's grandmother had suffered a heart attack in the night and been taken to hospital. She's better now and resting comfortably, but being kept in for observation and testing over the next few days. Obviously this turn of events means we're probably not going to have much time to write posts for a while as we concentrate on real life, so I just wanted to let my readers and friends know that we're both going to be here only sporadically for a little while.

Basically we'll still be here on and off and may comment on things or even joke around with you, but please don't be offended if we don't comment on your posts. Also, while we both have some posts ready to put up, these can run out quickly and our pages may go quiet all of a sudden, so we didn't want anyone to worry.


57 thoughts on “Personal Stuff

  1. There was a (suspected) heart attack round these parts not long ago so I know how all-consuming these things can be when they happen. :awww: Not meaning to sound as though I know what you're going through – but I feel that I can sympathise with not being on a lot as a result of getting such drastic news so suddenly.Is it definitely a heart attack? The heart-attack blood test came up positive? (I have no idea what the test is called – just that it is a test for the presence of something in the blood that indicates heart damage – and the test is done as close to 12 hours after the suspected incident as possible.)I'm sure you don't need me to say that you two should take as long as you need. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. They're calling it a minor heart attack but they're testing her for a few days. If they're still not satisfied they're sending her to another hospital that specialises in coronary care.

  3. Hi all, thanks for the kind thoughts. I just put this up in explanation cause we didn't want anyone to think we're being off with them during this period.Yes, this is Kim's gran that brought her up.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your grum, Kimmie, and I hope that the doctors are satisfied with the tests, and that she'll be back home soon! :heart:

  5. Originally posted by Spaggyj:

    They're calling it a minor heart attack

    I have had two. Take my word for it, there is no such thing as a MINOR heart attack. Take good care of her. She will be in our prayers.

  6. ^that was a little harsh so I'll explain. I am grateful for well wishes, so thanks everyone. I am just very uncomfortable with people asking me questions and giving me stories, and frankly, I don't even wanna hear stuff about this from people who don't even know a thing about me, which is why I've unsubscribed. All my friends will see this post anyway to explain my absence, and the people who visit here that aren't my friends, well… It's not their business anyway really.

  7. Kim and I both know you meant well, but things are on edge at the moment and the reason I made this post was to say we aren't being ignorant or snappy with no reason. We've got stuff in our lives that is taking priority to everything else.I appreciate you were trying to warn us that any coronary event is a serious one, but we know that anyway and it was bad timing, coming across as "it's worse than you think" or something similar to already worried minds. Posts like this are hard to comment though. You want to help the person somehow but don't know what to say, especially when you don't really know everyone involved.I've passed your apology on and it's been accepted, though this post is too upsetting for Kim at this moment in time so she wont be returning. I shouldn't have made this public to be honest but I was a little shell-shocked this morning and just wanted to explain what was happening to people.

  8. We have sorted this out now. I was far too emotional and irrational yesterday ๐Ÿ˜† . Sorry to all who may have been offended – I shouldn't have been online until I'd processed the events that happened. Thanks to all once again – I texted her this morning and she seems to be feeling much better today :happy:

  9. Yeah, I'm really, really pleased. She's been moved to the other place now, they're doing an angiogram to see if she needs a thing put in her heart valve, it's either a stent or a shunt, I don't remember, but apparently she's chatty and bright as normal. *does a happy dance*

  10. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ sorry.. Been absent last few days and never saw this.. Hope your gran is doing fine..not a mushy fellow but hope you holdin up and all that yeah? Thinkin of you guys and hoping for the best.

  11. It only felt that way as he stumbled home, realised he'd forgotten his lighter and lit cigarettes from each other after getting a light from a passing superhero.

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