Can’t Have Nice Things

You knew it was coming sooner or later folks. Admit it, as soon as you heard I’d won a ยฃ600 state of the art phone, you knew that at some point I’d push it too far and break it, proving once and for all that the technology still doesn’t match my needs. Yeah, that’s right guys (and girls and weird talking plants and spaceships and animals) – I’ve bricked my Samsung i8910 HD.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it derives from how useful a mobile device is when you’ve broken it so much that it can’t do anything. You can use it for pretty much the same things you can use a brick for, but with lesser effects. In my case I was installing a theme and the power died as the installation was almost complete. Normally that would mean that the theme wouldn’t install but, for some reason, it half installed the file and set it as the current theme. Now whenever I boot my phone up it spends ages looking for the graphics files that are missing, taking up almost all of the processor power and not letting me get to the parts that would let me change the theme or remove it. That’s if it boots at all as it now has a habit of sitting there trying then restarting the boot-up cycle.

So yeah, can’t have nice things and I’m a little annoyed. I’ve sent the phone back to Samsung and they should have it reflashed with the latest firmware in two to four weeks, meaning I’m back with my old 6120 classic (I call her Chloe now, for some reason) for a while. As this phone could fit inside the screen of my Samsung it’s taking a little getting used to. On the bright side, the new firmware for my phone was released recently so it should come back a lot faster (impressive as it’s already the fastest phone I’ve ever used) and with that gorgeous 3D task manager that I’ve been drooling about. Still, it’d be nice to have something that didn’t die on me at some point.


40 thoughts on “Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. It usually takes ten to fourteen days for these things but they warn it may take a month just in case. When the phone gets back I've got a buttload of posts on my memory card to put up. Luckily I've been keeping my app files, contacts and posts on my card instead of the hard drive, but I'll still lose some installations. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Either technology is far behind your ability to manage it or vice versa :PAnyway, I hope they will fix your expensive toy soon ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I'm blaming the technology. :up: Yeah, the memory card is compatible but the formatting style isn't, meaning I'd have to format it to use it which defeats the object unfortunately.

  4. Yeah you can. I've done it. It's diamonds you're thinking of. They're the same thing just a little more stressed out. Plus, since Kitty gave me that operation, they're my best friend. :up:

  5. A hard reset should work, but it's a touch screen phone and wont load the keypad for me to do it. If it were a phone with a keypad I'd have it sorted by now.

  6. :hat: Happy for ya. I just got to wait for April then I get my upgrade. Was thinking about the HTC Magic, but it has a on screen key pad that I'm not so keen on. The typing with the stylus can be a pain in the butt. Did you also find that with yours? (You do type a lot.)

  7. Hopefully. :yes: Faster phone, slick looking task manager that looks a hell of a lot prettier than it does useful, more space on the C drive and a little more RAM too. Worth it. :yes:

  8. I mostly type using my bluetooth keyboard or on the computer and transfer over to the phone when typing posts with the i8910. It helps that I have to plug it into the PC in order to charge it. For comments and off the cuff posts I use the phone alone and the screen is pretty responsive, although I do sometimes hit the wrong key and not notice.The Magic is a fabulous phone by the way, but it's got Google firmware meaning it's always online and will eat your data. You can check my recent posts for a cheap Android model coming soon that has an option to turn off automatic data usage. All Android phones will get that option soon enough, but this should be the first.

  9. I haven't managed to brick a phone yet, but I nearly managed to brick my netbook! :p.I did manage to gouge a great big scratch into the recovery cd though :chef:.

  10. Last time I sent my phone off with SE they quoted 4 weeks and I had it back in 2.Of course, there was no evidence they'd made the least bit of effort to fix it :irked:

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