Video Games Day

It’s official, September 12th is Video Games Day folks – a day where every game player can look back at the adventures they’ve had in virtual worlds. That’s what they are these days, by the way. The time when video games meant guiding an overweight italian plumber through a side-scrolling realm, avoiding enemies and dying if they don’t make that blind jump to the next platform is over. Now game creators are creating their own breathing worlds which follow their own set of rules just as the real world does.

I’ve had some good times this year. Here’s a few moments that stand out in my memory;

  • Playing Fable 2 at night, with the lights off and listening to the things the Banshee whispers to you, realising just how creepy they are and getting a chill down my spine.
  • Realising that Fallout 3 is cool despite it’s many faults, because the thing I’m taking cover behind is a Super Mutant Behemoth’s foot.
  • Cruising around in Saints Row 2 when my character starts singing along with the radio in the most hilarious rendition of The Final Countdown that I’ve ever heard.
  • Playing LEGO Indiana Jones and remembering just how awesome the theme music makes me and every other guy feel.
  • Falling partly in love with Meracle the mischievous half-cat girl in Star Ocean 4.
  • Being hunted by a never-ending stream of infected African villagers in Resident Evil 5 before I noticed the many problems with the game.
  • Realising that Kim is scarily effective as the monsters in Left 4 Dead’s versus mode.

I’ve had some good times this year and I just hope the next year brings me as many good memories.


16 thoughts on “Video Games Day

  1. The only game I`ve played this year was CoD 5, in order to test my new PC. I`ve started several softwares, one of them with a photo of a size of a billboard, run SETI software to work in a background and played a game for 5 hours. No hickups of system at all. I was amazed by the frantic pace of the game, though. I always play in 3rd (out of 4 levels of strength) and couldn`t believe how many times I was killed and how persistent enemy was :faint:

  2. Awesome post πŸ˜€ . Cool idea to list highlights of the last gaming year. My Saint's Row 2 favourite is most probably a $700,000 combo in Insurance Fraud πŸ˜†

  3. Lego Indiana Jones was awesome. :headbang: It was way more fun than I had expected it to be.The (Fable 2) banshees said creepy things? I don't remember hearing anything particularly spine-chilling from them. :doh:

  4. I've managed to avoid some of those by only having a spouse for 5 minutes or so whilst I took her (and anyone else I could) to the Temple of Shadows. :devil: Having no spouse when meeting banshees means no nasty spouse comments. :yes:The only one I ever really heard from banshees was "What would Rose say if she could see you now?" – which seems pretty tame to me.Come to think of it, I do remember thinking at the time that the banshees' taunts were so repetitive that they weren't worth including. All in all, I reckon I've only ever heard about half a dozen phrases from banshees – and quite a few of those phrases only came up once or twice. Maybe there's something I was doing wrong with banshees? :shrug:

  5. Moe, if you stop and listen to them they'll talk about your sister, how it's your fault, and say horrible things about your spouse and children.

  6. Yes you were Rose, but it didn't end well for you. 😦 As for special celebrations, I'll be turning into a gigantic tentacled mutant later on and beating Kim before she does the same to me. Basically a regular Saturday night. :up:.Moe, the more you interact with the world outside of the missions, the more they'll say. One told me that my little girl hated me and that she stands over me holding a knife as I sleep. :insane: I don't like creepy little girls and it stopped me spending as much time with my daughter. :awww:

  7. Cool! Any special celebrations lined up for today?Originally posted by Moesring:

    "What would Rose say if she could see you now?"

    I was in your game? :eyes:

  8. I never could get the hang of first person shooters Darko. After playing Left 4 Dead I think it may be that they're just not the sort of subject matter I appreciate though.As Kim said, Insurance Fraud in Saints Row 2 should really be on the list. The overly cartoon physics and incredible road rage every driver gets during the missions make it a barrel of laughs every time.

  9. No, it didn't end well for you Rose. For starters, you adopt a stray dog (what would Permit say?) … and you think that sparrow droppings landing on someone's head is lucky. :yikes::yuck:On the plus side, you also appear in a dream and incite me to kick chickens into an enclosure, and urge me to shoot glass bottles scattered around a farm. :up:Mik: :eek::insane:

  10. Anonymous writes:Is this for real? Video Games Day? πŸ™‚ I think you only not need to look back on your adventures on the virtual world but anticipate as well on upcoming games or updates of your favorite MMOs like World of Warcraft. And speaking of such, please allow me to share this article about WoW Cataclysm.

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