Women Are Evil Hypocrites And I’ll Prove It (Snappy Title Eh?)

Seriously, what is the deal with that? I can tell people I’m proud of both centimetres and they’ll laugh along with me, never once assuming I’m being honest (and hiding my shame through humour :awww: ) about it. But should an angry ex-girlfriend, who is well known for telling lies about anyone who dares split up with her once they find out that her personality really is a collection of the most evil traits known to man (the sort that owns Murder She Wrote on DVD for example) start saying stuff like that, then it’s taken as truth immediately by her peers, even though they know damn well that she lies in these situations, and even though a week before she was boasting about the guy’s size and it has somehow lost three metres in combined area since then according to her story. It’s the curse that men everywhere have to face.

The thing is, women find it funny to do that, never once thinking of the hypocrisy they’re breeding into each other. What if guys did that sort of stuff to you? What if we told people that we broke up with you because your vagina creeped us out by looking and smelling like Mickey Rooney dipped in mustard? What if we joked amongst ourselves about women with small cars compensating for gigantic buckets they carry around in their panties? What if you were the cute little cartoon up there, drowning your sorrows in a cartoon club with a drink and a wink and lamenting the fact that you have no arms?

The revolution is coming, men are already burning their boxers and walking around liberated down there. One day there will be a reckoning, and those of you with breasts will find that your lies will come back and take photos of their liberated selves in your mouths as you sleep. So say all the men in the world!


41 thoughts on “Women Are Evil Hypocrites And I’ll Prove It (Snappy Title Eh?)

  1. I haven't got anything that I want to say here (yet), but I *really* want to see the comments, hence this remark…..:)

  2. I'd say that there are a lot of men who talk badly about their ex'es. I've never heard about men who talks about the gigantic bucket women carry around (wth is that? :confused:) but I've heard quite a lot about what a bitch she is and how she didn't do this and that. Men bitching, so to speak. It's just as ugly as when women do it.But sometimes it's good for one's mental health to do it anyway.

  3. I would never talk badly about my only ex. And she did not talk badly about… whatever besides probably my tiny personality. Mik: You have slept with someone who has "Murder she wrote" on DVD? That is really, really pervert.

  4. OK – thought about it now, and – have never, ever spoken (ill or good)of any ex whatsoever, but have had <an> ex be really spiteful behind my back. But – you get that, I guess. It's quite cathartic, because it helps you to 'get over' the busted relationship like *that* <clicks fingers> 🙂

  5. When I mention my ex, I'm not very nice. But, to be fair, he wasn't either. I don't go out of my way to spread hate. In fact, I berated myself more for being used than blame him. In my experience, both sexes are just as hypocritical. Women can be more bitchy, but men can be just as hurtful. Kitty – the "bucket" thing is a major insult – saying a woman is loose and large down there is the equivalent of saying a man is small.

  6. I've spent most of my life with more female than male friends, and gotten to see both sides dirty secrets. Women have no problem talking about their exes, slagging them off, spreading rumours about them and telling everyone they can that the guy is tiny in the trouser department. When asked why, they say cause he dumped them. Wow, that's a real good reason to slander people eh?The thing that gets to me is that guys who do that sort of thing are looked down on as the lowest of the low, real slimebags who couldn't get what they wanted and are out to punish the poor girl. However, when a woman does this sort of thing it's expected of her, and she's cheered on by her friends.But mostly it's an excuse to try out my new cartoon maker. :up:

  7. I'm still mad at my Mothers OB/GYN man. Being half Irish, I need every centimeter I can get. You know what I mean, Mik. Well, that guy circumcised me! :chef: :no: 😥

  8. Wow, this is a good post :up:That never happened to me, I mean, my ex-s never talked about me that way. Not that I am John Long in "trousers department" ( 😆 ), but they are all OK, and except one of them from my youth, I like to see and talk to them when we meet. It didn`t worked between us and this is normal, no reason to hate each other."Mickey Rooney dipped in mustard"OMG, you must have experienced that!!!!:ko:

  9. :awww:.@Dennis, Be happy he didn't wait untill you were thirty to snip it! :insane:.The most traumatic experience of my life!!! :cry:.

  10. The foreskin is there for a reason, guys. It's good for all sorts of things … protecting the more sensitive parts of the penis … storing spare change … car keys … cookies … in fact, if you store enough in there, it's like a personal mace … !

  11. An older lady I used to know was fond of hinting you can still get a good tune from an old fiddle. I used to say yes, but you can't hear the organ in a cathedral..=o)

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