Dragon Age: Origins Redefines DLC

I preordered Dragon Age: Origins yesterday, and traded in a few items so that we’d have enough money on our Game card to buy it when it’s released on October 23rd. I’m really looking forward to this game with its promised 800 hours of in game content plus the DLC (downloadable content) standards that Bioware are setting up for it.

I mentioned The Stone Prisoner quest as a bonus downloadable item in the linked post and have since found out that the item introduces a new party member with his own back story, new quests and a few new environments as well. If the DLC keeps meeting these early standards then this game will just keep on going and eat a good chunk of my life (perhaps even beating Morrowind which took 440 hours of my life away and left me with some stunning memories such as fighting a boss creature with a spoon thanks to the demon of chaos pulling a prank). As I’ve been looking for a good RPG that provides as many good hours of play as the online multiplayer ones do, but without the atmosphere-breaking instances of hulking barbarians chatting openly about their crushes on the latest pop star or how their homework just doesn’t seem so important now that Britney is flashing her vagina in public again, this is a deal maker for me. Of course, it’s not going to be the perfect game, and I will play other things (I’m already excited about the Fable 3 trailer being shown next week at the Tokyo Game Show) but having something this massive and replayable as well will mean I’ll always have something to fall back on when things dry up.

As a side-note to all those who’ve read the post I linked to at the top and are wondering about buying this game just for the Mass Effect item, the item is a suit of Dragon Age themed armour that can be worn in both games and that wont be available as a seperate download. Your choice guys, but I bet a lot of you are ready to buy it based on that. Like I said, the standard for DLC in this game has really raised the bar – adding single characters with new storylines and areas opening up, armour that crosses games, as well as the usual stuff that games have released since the horse armour debacle.

In other Dragon Age: Origins news, the guys at Penny Arcade are running a serial based on the game in the run up to release. You can read it here if you’re interested.


9 thoughts on “Dragon Age: Origins Redefines DLC

  1. are there any worthwhile cross-platform games you can recommend for me?I'm not likely to be purchasing any kind of games console this side off the apocolypse! :p.

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