Nirvana Lost

Can you believe this? Courtney Love, the executor of Kurt Cobain’s estate (and the reason he killed himself in many people’s minds) signed a contract allowing his image to be used in the recent Guitar Hero 5 video game. I’ve got no problem with that, but now she’s changed her mind and is not only bitching about it, but suing the company.

As you can see from the image, Activision have done quite a good job capturing Kurt’s image and have apparently motion captured him from various videos. Guitar Hero 5 features quite a few music stars, some still living and some deceased, all of which can be unlocked then used as the main singer in any of the songs. Of course, if the song they’re singing isn’t one of their own it will still be the original singer’s voice that players hear. And that’s where Love and legions of Nirvana fans (the majority of them people who discovered the band in the aftermath of Kurt’s suicide) have a problem. Kurt put a lot of emotion into his music, and they say that it’s a travesty and misuse of his image to allow him to be the singer of other people’s songs.

You know what? I was a Nirvana fan many many years ago, before they really hit the big time. I’m not one of these children you see in their fresh Nirvana hoodies, trying to make their choice of music interesting, I was here from the beginning and my view on this is simple – if Courtney Love is so worried about inappropriate use of Kurt Cobain then she shouldn’t sign his image up to be used in that game. The game has always been clear about how the images of these stars will be used, and all other stars in the game get the exact same treatment. In fact, despite his amazing talent it’d dishonour his memory more to expect special treatment for him that others don’t get. And why blame the game when the person who exploited him when he was alive is clearly doing the same even now?


8 thoughts on “Nirvana Lost

  1. Can't imagine there's too much she can do if she's already signed. Sounds like (if it actually goes to court) it'll come down to a battle of semantics over the word 'likeness'.

  2. This is stupid. Maybe she should have read the contract before she signed it! In Guitar Hero 3, you can play someone who looks a hell of a lot like Hendrix – nobody moaned about that.

  3. It's probably a bargaining tool, she wants more money than the agreed rate and hoping they'll settle out of court in her favour. πŸ™„

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