Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009

It be Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009, ye lousy lubbers! Get tharselves some pirate education here or walk the plank! :pirate:

  • Now ye’ve gotten t’ know the crew ye’ll be wantin’ t’ find buried treasure but first ye’ll need a ship and t’ check out the Scumm Bar fer other pirates.
  • Now don’t ye be spendin’ all them pieces o’ eight at once bucko, ye’ll be needin’ some fer yer retirement. Maybe ye need some financial advice before ye walks the plank?

Go on then bucko, what are ye waitin’ fer? It be Talk Like A Pirate Day and everybody’s doing it.


26 thoughts on “Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009

  1. Only the day this time, I believe. :left: Errr, landlubber! :pirate:.Cap'n Espen be learnin' he's lesson when I be sawin' he's leg off last year. Arrr!

  2. Mik Cap'n Furie :pirate:: Did you just threaten someone with ? :left:Mutant cats like her have at least 9 tails, right? :left::D:adds a gratuitous "Arrr" for good measure :pirate::

  3. This … uh … beed somethin' I heard on the wireless, aye! Ely this very morn while I was puzzlin' over what to do with a drunken sailor. Me … uh … me bonce reeled as I realized a year had passed already! An' all I had to show for it was a back full o' parrot shit. :eyes:

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