Fable Levelling System Proposal

This is a proposed dynamic auto-levelling system for the Fable series of videogames. It may not interest some of my readers but it’s something I’d like to see in the games so I thought I’d post it as it may be of interest to the few Fable fans that read my page.

Using these systems any action that characters take build their character’s skills and attributes automatically.

Health & Speed: Blocking and rolling are two basic skills that characters start with. Being hit, eating healthy food, or drinking potions provides characters with experience that builds their Health attribute. Rolling and running around the world builds up experience that builds the character’s Speed offering access to more dodging techniques (different animations). Certain racing side missions might also give Speed experience.

Melee Combat Skills: Melee combat improves statistics in three ways, depending on how you’re equipped, with hitting enemies and blocking attacks building experience for the character.
Two Handed weapons will build strength and add skills such as Flourish and other heavy hitting attacks like Devastate (strength based single hit kill attack like the more agile Reversal). Expressions learned from this discipline include the Heroic Pose and Bloodlust Roar.
Single Handed weapons build strength and add skills such as Reversals and other agility based attacks like Aerial Combat (performed like a flourish, the launcher sends the enemy into the air and the character’s further attacks take him up after his enemy). Expressions learned from this would be skill based like a weapon display.
Pugilist characters don’t use weapons. Fighting bare-handed builds their strength over time and provides access to a mixture of skills and expressions from the other disciplines.
While all three disciplines include strength characters wont gain extra strength by mastering multiple disciplines, but will gain new skills. Each skill set can only be used when equipped with the associated weapon type although only the first set of expressions learned will stay active for the character.

Ranged Combat Skills: Characters start with the ability to blind shoot at the nearest enemy by tapping the button or aim while holding the button. More experience is gained by aiming and even more by hitting sensitive spots such as the head or groin. As the character levels up they’ll build their accuracy and gain further shooting skills like Target Locking, Zooming and Sub-Targeting.

Will Powers: Each spell will be built up seperately expanding it’s strength, range, duration, and other factors as it is built up. Characters will start a spell by finding a grimoire containing the spell and learning the first level of it that way. From then on they build the spell by using it.

Stealth Skills: Sneaking, stealing, using criminal expressions and skills all build up your Guile attribute which will allow access to new criminal expressions (extort, pickpocket, etc) and skills (picklock, etc) as well as increase your chance to remain hidden while sneaking.

Personality Skills: Having generally positive interactions with people increases your Charisma attribute which gives access to new expressions, increases your ratio of success with new expressions, and allows you to extend expressions.

Morphs: Each attribute mentioned above will morph the character in the following ways. While most of these were in the games they were quite general with one attribute defining each feature, and this system spreads the morphs more naturally.
Strength – this builds upper body muscle definition and height.
Speed – this builds lower body muscle definition and height.
Health – this makes the character more broad.
Accuracy – the characters eyes narrow and become more keen, and he becomes slightly thinner.
Guile – the character becomes shorter and thinner, gaining more hawkish features
Will – the characters eyes and tattoos start to glow blue, while their hands occasionally crackle with electricity.
Personality – the characters smile becomes more friendly and natural as does their gait, their eyes become more open and their teeth whiten, occasionally shining comically as they smile.

These systems would replace the current levelling and morphing systems in the Fable games, in my proposal, allowing characters to build a unique character throughout their game simply by playing the way they prefer to. The systems to adorn characters with different hairstyles, facial hair, tattoos, clothes, etc would be kept from the current game design as would the current system of gaining and losing weight. Together I think these things would help improve the playability of the games and allow people to create the character they want to play.


6 thoughts on “Fable Levelling System Proposal

  1. I think that's a much more comprehensive and unique way of building your own character. The personalisation has the potential to vary greatly from player to player – and I think this is a good thing.

  2. Of course, it relies on each attribute having many more stages (ten or twenty at least) that take longer to level up at later stages. This would mean that less people max out everything they can, offering more varied characters.Also, although it's not mentioned in the post, the design assumes that each character only has a limited number of expression slots and that the ones granted by stats would fill those slots automatically. Expressions can still be learned via books but there will still only be so many slots to fill and you'd have certain attribute requirements to learn expressions.

  3. Ah, that I think is the beauty of the system. Rather than aiming for a certain character type you'd end up with a character that was based on how you've actually played, getting better at the things you do and looking more the part with every action you take. That was supposed to be the idea in the original Fable, going even further than this and taking everything from tans to stress levels into account, but they took it out early on as the old Xbox couldn't handle it.I do have another idea based on this which I just posted in a thread suggesting that experience points are one of the things being removed from Fable III (Molyneux says he's removing something that is core to most RPGs from the game) and asking how else character progression could be done.http://community.lionhead.com/forums/post/3407596.aspx

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