Kidnapping Report

On Friday the 11th of September an as yet unnamed eleven year old boy returned home from school late and in tears. When questioned by his concerned parents the boy had a terrifying tale to tell them, a tale he’d soon be telling to the police officers who were called in by his frantic parents.

He explained how he’d been leaving Ed White Middle School when a man approached him and dragged him into a beat up old car. He tried to cry for help but the man covered his mouth and flashed a handgun. The man held him in the car for half an hour, driving around and threatening to kill him. Terrified, the boy escaped by jumping out of the car and running through gardens. He told his parents how scared he was that the man might find him because he hadn’t been able to grab his book bag while escaping.

And that’s where the story falls apart. You see, the boy hadn’t managed to grab his book bag but had grabbed his band instrument and managed to escape with that. Sergeant Mark Roberts said that this started their suspicions that there was more to the story than the boy was telling but couldn’t prove anything. Later that day the boy ran to his grandparents house and admitted that he’d made the whole thing up because he had his report card in his book bag and didn’t want his parents to find out about his bad grades. That’s right folks, the kid faked his kidnapping so he wouldn’t get in trouble for not studying as hard as he should. His grandfather called the police to apologise.

Now, I could end this by saying something about the boy who cried wolf or I could have fun wondering just how bad the boys grades were for him to do this, or even give some sane tips on how to get away with a bad school report. I could do any of that but I wont. Instead I’ll leave you with the following thought. The parents of an eleven year old boy, thinking someone had tried to kidnap him earlier that day, allowed him out of the house on his own to run to his grandparents house…


14 thoughts on “Kidnapping Report

  1. He grabbed his band instrument? I'm guessing it had to be one of the larger kind for the police to get suspicious.*imagines a kid running around with a tuba*

  2. Good try by the kid though eh? Hope it doesn't catch on. Stuff like this draws attention away from real crime stopping.As a mildly related side note, my friends and I had a role-playing group in school that we were given a room to play in. The room was the one that the headmaster met parents and school governors in as it was quieter than the rest of the school. So of course we used it to bring girls to and went through the cupboards. Found a box full of report pads that we sold off at about a pound per report.

  3. since the boy is said to have later run to the grandparents, it sounds as if the parents may not have known he'd left their own home ~ which would mean he'd be in trouble yet again with me ~ abduction is not the way predators prefer finding victims ~ most are met through much friendlier contacts ~ but it happens often enough that it's a risk no matter how safe any neighborhood seems ~ i think it is unwise for parents to allow a lone child to go anywhere anymore ~ your mildly related aside has me wondering if you think this little boy may be a Furie in the making =:}

  4. Oh ye gods no. I had style and didn't do anything that could have endangered anyone else. I think the kid is a selfish little git, although he does get back some credit for feeling guilty and admitting it to someone.It's possible that the parents didn't know that he'd gone to his grandparents, but if you were this kids parent and he'd told you that story would you even let him out of your sight that day?

  5. bad grades and the Kid would rather give a false police report than face the wrath of his parents? Having bad grades is sometimes the result of an unhappy home life. put together with the very valid point that his parents actually ignored him long enough for him to run to his grandparents house and tell them the truth, (perhaps because he thought they'd understand?) I suspect some seriously bad parenting at the least! :insane:.

  6. On one level, i'm glad that the kid knew his report card would get him in trouble with his parents. Too many parents now seem to devolve all responsibility for education to the schools, and if their kid fails blame the school first and nothing else.

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