Less Dying, More Game & Midget Runners

I’m finally over this flu we’ve had. It’s been hard for me cause until a couple of years ago I’d metabolize pretty much any illness in a couple of hours at most so I’m not really used to them lasting as long as this has. I kept getting paranoid about what was causing it, which didn’t help. Anyway, it’s over now and I went down town for the first time in ages today.

Typically it was all go for a Sunday. There were two marathons (one 11 mile and one 25 mile) running different routes through the town as well as a load of traffic on the way to a local rugby match. The town centre was packed with people. At one point I was crossing the town square and some day-glo pink wearing midget ran smack bang into my knee (almost making me drop my XL double bacon cheeseburger 😡 ), bounced off, said “Excuse me” in a tone that people only use when they’ve got witnesses and don’t expect you to follow them home with a chainsaw, then kept running. No sorry or anything. People have no bloody manners these days.

While I was browsing the shops I found a copy of Fable II. As my older readers know I’m a fanatic for this game, and regularly load it up to play a new character type on it. If you’re not in the know the Fable games stand out feature is that your character changes depending on your actions. Level up your strength and you’ll get more muscled, eat fattening foods and you’ll soon have an over hanging belly, continually be evil and you may grow horns, get beaten in combat and you’ll gain a scar that stays with you throughout the game. There are plenty of examples of this throughout the core game but the downloadable content adds much more to the game. However, we’re not online here (yes, I know I must be to have written this post, but mobile browsers can’t download things over Xbox Live) so we couldn’t get any of the DLC packs. The version of Fable II that I found was the Game Of The Year edition with all the DLC added onto the game disc so I snapped it up, and it’s given the game a new lease of life for us with a few new areas, plenty of new quests, some new events and creatures, and some new abilities. Plenty to play with.


26 thoughts on “Less Dying, More Game & Midget Runners

  1. I have a feeling that the pink-wearing midget should be happy that you didn't drop your cheeseburger! :insane::sst: Man I could eat one of those right now!

  2. So, it was H1N1? I mean, if you could beat the regular one in a matter of hours then this one must`ve been swine flu. Poor pigs, they will be remembered after one nasty virus, despite all the nice stuff we can get from them :chef:

  3. There were two marathons (one 11 mile and one 25 mile) running

    Ooh, that's got to suck if you're only doing the 11 mile one…no bragging rights in the office :p

  4. Tils & Fan – It was a Burger King giant bacon cheeseburger. Basically a cow in a bun with cheese and bacon. :up:.Tils, Selurus & David – If the burger had dropped the marathon would've turned into a relay race using midget limbs. As for lasers and nukes, that sort of technology is easily traced back to me, so we go with the old classics for grudges.Carol, Darko & Bud – I used to metabolize illness pretty quickly. When Kim met me she could get ill, pass it on to me, watch me have an hour or two of sniffles, nausea and headaches, then see me get better way before she'd even hit the worst of it. You get older though and these things slow down. Not swine flu as far as I know, although I did have a thought about the constant coughing being throat cancer. :left: Did people get this bloody stupid about the swine flu of 76? Cause at the moment you'd think the Black Death had returned the way people act about it.Mart – All they have to do is make sure people are waiting at the starting point for them and then tell them they made it all the way. Plenty of photos of them will be in the newspaper after all and they only distinguish between which marathon they take part in at the finish line.Rosie – Would we leave you for a game? *strokes forehead comfortingly* Well, not one that's only part new anyway. :left:

  5. Mik, how were you able to metabolize illness your illness's?May-be if you had more C you could have metabolize it quicker now.

  6. Fan, don't start that crap. I've dated enough women to know that you lot are never happy with the way you look, feel like you're the Stay Puft Marshmallow man if you have one single cookie, and think you're fat when you're actually healthy looking. Talk about being fat here and I will gang up with Mart against your insane woman thoughts, ya skinny wretch. :mad:.Carol, I just had a faster metabolism when I was younger. Until I was mid twenties I had to eat twice as much as I do now just to keep at a healthy weight too. I miss that. :awww: Kim remembers me eating a roast dinner piled high on a plate, having doughnuts for dessert and having worked it all off just by eating it so that I could easily do star jumps straight afterwards. 😆

  7. :awww: sinful, my dear, very sinful… such a guilty pleasure *dreams*Been away from those bloody tempting junk food for a almost year now, yet the fat stays around my belly :doh:

  8. I don't remember if it worldwide or localized to the US. But I'm sure people died because I was in college at the time and it was mandatory for every student and university employee to get the vaccine shot. Btw, the vaccine made you wish you got the flu instead of the shot. :yuck:

  9. :sst: actually we've been comparing our bellies, he's winning so far, and I hope I'll never win :left: I don't want to be skinny either (I'm a hypochondriac so being skinny is definitely not for me!), just miss the flat stomach I had when I was younger… ahh… the golden age 😆

  10. me too… went to the shop yesterday, got myself 4 burger buns, burgers, and cheese. Today I'm gonna have it for lunch! :hat:

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