Right Hand Action

I know what you’re thinking. Come on, it doesn’t take a psychic to know that as soon as you read the title of this post, one thought flashed across your mind and only one thought. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but it’s not a post about that. Rather it’s a post about a 16 year old boy who became so obsessed with his chosen form of exercise that his right arm is now hugely muscled compared to the rest of him. See, nothing dirty about that.

Matthias Schlitte is 22 years old now and has been practicing arm wrestling for six years and in all that time he’s only been building up the muscles in his right arm. And yes, he does look kind of freaky because of it. Have a look at the photo on the left and you’ll see that, despite being a skinny lad pretty much all over, his right arm is massive compared to the rest of him. 18 inches (compared to my 14 inches) around in fact.

Matthias has used this not so secret weapon to win several first places in competitions including the German Championship and the Iron Curtain Armwars. Oh, I’m talking about his skinny body not his massive arm by the way. Professional arm wrestling is an activity that is split into weight classes so by just building up one arm Matthias manages to keep his overall weight down and compete in the lower weight classes against more proportionate opponents who really don’t stand a chance against him. Call it tactics if you will, it just means he built his right arm muscles up by being a wanker in a different way.

One final thing. If anyone ever sees this guy in a club please request YMCA and video him dancing to it. I’m sure we’d all love to see that.


14 thoughts on “Right Hand Action

  1. He will have serious problems with his heart soon. Heart is a muscle, similar to that one in his hand and disproportion within a body is a ballast for it.Very stupid.

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