Haunted Fridge Night – Halloween

It’s Haunted Fridge night today folks, the first day of the Halloween celebration. As tacky as this celebration has become, I still love this time of year. Of course, by the time some of you read this it’ll actually be Halloween for you. Have some Halloween themed comics from around the web.

In case all that scared you, here’s a fluffy dream situation to make you feel a little better about life. Shame it’ll never happen though.


72 thoughts on “Haunted Fridge Night – Halloween

  1. I like The Crow :awww: . We don't have a tradition for Halloween, but we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. Anyway Halloween tradition's an awesome idea. Thank you, David!

  2. It is October 31st here, I realise still only 30th over there for you..or is it? and love the Jackolantern, I would not have the guts to do that to myself. Love the set out looks great Mik xo Love Dee xo :heart: :jester: :hi:

  3. As the first N-gage service died and the second service was announced today to be dead by Nokia, that means you've brought a zombie phone to me on Halloween. :insane:.The original Crow really is an awesome film. Shame it got lost in the hype over Brandon Lee's death though to be honest, cause that's all people think of when they hear about it. A Halloween tradition is a good idea. We usually shut off the lights and chill out with a game, but don't have any specific traditions as such. :(.I'm testing this background out Rose. If no-one has problems with it here, I'll be swapping the red stripes theme background I've got on the phone for it until I actually manage to get my i8910 HD fixed. It's about the same size file and makes a statement about warranties being worth less than the paper they're written on. :yes:.The pumpkin is easy enough to do. It works with any photo but something with a plain background is best. As I'm sure you can tell, my Dark Furie member photo here works brilliantly with things like that for that reason. Guts has nothing to do with it. Don't let a little embarrassment get in the way of fooling around, and possibly having enough fun that the embarrassment was worth it. Go on, have a laugh and be a vegetable. :chef:

  4. Rose in indestructible. She also knows the Mysterons' plans. I need to go to bed. I just invoked Captain Rose Scarlet.

  5. I wonder if the kitten will make a Mik pumpkin like the one above. I'm sure she would have lots of fun smashing up something bearing your likeness. :left:

  6. Savage chickens :lol:We don`t celebrate Haloween. Reading article in Wikipedia I`ve found it comes after the old Celtic celebration of Samhain – End of the Summer.Interesting….

  7. Celtic day of the dead that the Catholic church attempted to usurp by re-naming it "all saintsday" followed by "all souls day".@ Mik, in the end of the film, "Night Of The Living Dead", the only guy to survive the zombie attacks get's mistaken for a zombie and shot in the head. :awww:.I've got it on 3gp if anyone want's it. :p.

  8. Kitty wouldn't destroy my pumpkin. She'd go without food if she did. :awww:.Kiran, for starters it's well known that I don't want to be member of the week and have asked not to be chosen. I have given a Member of the Week position away as a prize for a competition here though. :up:.Darko, Samhain is the 1st of November. They messed up the date when they injected their own religious festivals into the old pagan ones. Whatever happens, the walls are thinner tonight and tomorrow and anything can happen.Aadil, that's one of the most awful moments in film. After surviving all that those hillbilly fucks just take him out without checking if he's human or not. I've heard a few people say that the ending is racially motivated but it was planned to be that way when they had a white lead.Captain Rose, dun dun dun da da dun. You must infiltrate the Mysteron base and get their candy. Also, you look like you could use some moisturiser. As for the brain, that's in your status and very very scary. :insane:.Set superhero zombies on me will ya? 😑 Do you really think I don't know how to deal with zombies, chile? Ol' Mama Furie be usin' de chicken blood an' de nudey dance te control dem. Me be shakin' de bones o' de old ones an' makin' dem protect.

  9. Originally posted by Mik:

    She'd go without food if she did.

    *raises paw* I swear – I'll never go hungry again!Oh wait… wrong scene! :left:

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