The Hard Drive Blues

Well, more purples than blues actually, so Kim is thrilled.

Here’s something they don’t tell you when you’re looking to buy a new hard drive for your Xbox 360. It takes bloody ages to transfer everything over. One hour and six minutes for a 20 gigabyte hard drive to be transferred to a 120 gigabyte to be exact. So I’m sitting here with the absolutely brilliant Dragon Age: Origins twiddling my thumbs for the next 43 minutes. Luckily I’m a mobile blogger so I can twiddle my thumbs on my phone’s keypad and chat to you lot.

Oh, here’s something else they don’t tell you when buying a new hard drive for your Xbox 360. The 60 gigabyte version doesn’t come with the things you need to transfer your old drive over. In fact, only the 120 gigabyte version has the software and cable you need. Of course, you can buy the cable seperately but none of the game stores stock that item so you’ll have to buy it online.

This has been a public service announcement from your friends at Furie World Domination LTD. We hope you found this information useful and that you have a wonderful day.


21 thoughts on “The Hard Drive Blues

  1. Cable? Shop? I buy that kind of stuff normally at e-bay or I am that used to e-bay that I was stunned to learn that Devi bought a new phone that came with the cable. There was nothing like that with my "new" phone from e-bay.

  2. Hard drive loaded and swapped, game installed and intro played, Kim spending hours creating her perfect woman. :left: Wait! I mean to play with in the game. Wait! I mean to be in the game. :yes: It's deep already and I've only been through one of the six linear opening scenes. Kinda like Neverwinter Nights but more user friendly and atmospheric.

  3. I don't really trust E-bay to be honest. Had too many of my friends and Kim's relatives buy something and never get it, despite losing the money. :irked: The shop did say I could order the cable I need from there but we only have so much money and it was twenty quid for the bigger hard drive with the cable included, probably as much as it'd cost to buy the cable seperately anyway.

  4. We'll be on during each other's gaming David. But they've got a two year committment to DLC so we'll be back to normal at the end of 2011, then we'll catch up with what's released between now and then… 2012 should do it. :up:.Who's a cheap swine?

  5. Microsoft. Not including the cable. I'm a bit peeved with the number of cables accumulating in my drawers. Why not just use U.S.B. or mini-U.S.B. ports? Gah! At least most mobiles will be going mini-U.S.B. soon.

  6. That's exactly right Darko, but don't confuse it with bankrupt. Bancrupted is the term used to describe a company so big that their wealth ruptured the bank vault when they tried to close the door. :up:.Lets see Kitty, longest I was away without coming on to read a little was nine days and my watchlist was 71 items (some with multiple posts). That's 7.8 items per day so two years would be 5,694 items long with multiples on some of them. :insane:.Microsoft are greedy, but it's a better set-up than Sony have. If I'd bought the original Playstation 3 I'd be stuck with a 40GB hard drive because they're built in. The money evens out to buy the top range ones, but the modular approach is open to more people with different price ranges and needs. I think the cable wasn't included in the smaller one because it came out first and then they released the cable when they figured out people would want to keep their old details too. :doh: At least they've made it standard now. It'll be nice to have some standardisation in phone chargers for the big companies (they're doing the same with 3.5 headphone adaptors too although unsurprisingly Apple refused to get on board), but I think it's micro-USB that's being integrated as the standard port. It was the last I heard anyway, although my contact on the committee hasn't been in touch recently and I haven't really been following that initiative, so I may have missed or misread something.

  7. Micro U.S.B. is what I read. The E.U. pushed for it, on environmental grounds; mobiles will no longer come with bundled chargers.I know, they all do it. The worst I've seen is the Wii, which has ports for Gamecube controllers (good), but if you want to play arcade games from their online store, you need a different controller, with a different port. :doh:

  8. Yep, and we can share one charger for a few mobiles in the office. Never more ladies complaining while they have forgotten to recharge their phones!

  9. and what will the charger vending machines do for business then? :whistle:.A colleague of mine recently aquired a pre-owned PS2 machine. He asked me what he could get for the expansion bay. After some googling, I came to the conclusion that it would not be worth getting the hard drive and ethernet port for it. :awww:.

  10. Oh, did you mean something different? 😉 Yeah, the EU did push for it, half a year after the phone manufacturers committee formed and agreed on a standard format. 😆 That much I did pay attention to.

  11. Actually not so bad Rosie. I am legendarily patient after all. :yes: Slightly annoying when the notice first came up though because I was expecting it to take about twenty minutes. Then when it was done it said that some files were corrupt and didn't transfer over so I had to go through 11GB of saved games and installs to see what we'd lost, only to find everything had transferred properly anyway. :bomb:

  12. This game is awesome. The graphics are good for the last generation of console but not so good for this one, but it means they've fit so much into the game. The depth is unbelievable, with so much going on between characters in the game. I'm currently in a love triangle with two of my party characters and they've started fighting over me and bickering in the background while I'm exploring.The setup is basically the Lord of the Rings style evil army taking over the world but the world is a lot more grown up than that concept would have you think. Elves were once enslaved by humans and are now split into two groups – the forest elves who hate all outsiders and the city elves who're treated like scum by humans and can't be told apart by them. The dwarves all belong to warring noble houses and treat those who have left the city for the surface as criminals and whores who've betrayed their caste and make it illegal for these casteless to do work a member of a house can do. These are the only two groups I've interacted with so far but these facts about them colour the entire world and, as a casteless dwarf myself, I've been treated like crap by way too many people to let it slide. It's actually quite upsetting sometimes. :awww:

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