You there, come closer and listen to my tale. Hurry up, I don’t have all day and it’s very rare that I’m this open about myself.

On November 12th 1977, the world changed and, for me at least, turned inside out. A storm raged over the Irish sea and a small ferry was rocked by the waves. As thunder crashed around and lightning briefly illuminated the coast, I was born screaming into a world that had long gone mad.

My intellect began to show through early on. By the time I was three years old I’d taught myself to read from newspapers and when I was five I joined the local library, taking the three minute walk up there two or three times a week and spending hours in my bedroom reading anything I could get my hands on. Despite being as intelligent as any adult I met, school was difficult for me as I had more than one confrontation with teachers due to questioning them beyond the bounds of their knowledge or paying little attention in class as I had already found out what they were teaching on my own. Later on a teacher in middle school would take an interest in me and put me through an IQ test during one of my many detentions. The results would show me to have an IQ of 195, almost twice the national average and this teacher approached my family to talk about further opportunities open to someone like me. They laughed in his face and my mind was left to ferment.

As I got older still, the television age slowly ended and the internet age began, progressing slowly to the point we’re at now where all the horrors of the world are pulled into the living rooms of young and old alike. I embraced the web early, entering chatrooms to find like-minded individuals that I could have conversations with, about anything but the He Man and Thundercats based ones my own age group predominantly had. The small amount of subject matter on the web in those days meant there wasn’t much to talk about, unlike today when you can find anything you’re interested in online. This helped me find new interests and hobbies, with me becoming interested in things mostly so I could hold interesting conversations about them, and these hobbies have stuck with me throughout my life as my passion for them grew. I discussed science-fiction television shows with Americans I’d soon learn lived in basements of their parents house and had the same job they got in high school, and had lively debates about the possible realities and impossibilities of comic books with a group of people who would later become briefly famous for proving something actually exists instead of being a theory. Despite being the youngest member of those groups by far, my confidence and strong views caused me to be treated as the patriarch of most groups I was involved in, settling arguments between and giving advice to people who’d scoff at me in real life. The experience bred lifelong interests as well as exposing me to how the human mind works without physical preconceptions getting in the way, and those are lessons I’ve carried with me my entire life.

I suppose a lot of our early life gets taken with us that way, whether we realise it or not. Like many young boys I always wanted to be a cowboy when I grew up. While most kids who wanted that just wanted to shoot guns and be a hero it was more than that for me. I felt destined to be that straight-talking lone voice in the desert, fighting corruption wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth, justice and all that I believe in and hold dear. Even now, as I see in my 32nd year, I still hold onto that ideal as I ride ever onwards into the setting sun.
*whistles a mournful little tune*


49 thoughts on “Cowboy

  1. Now Now Mik.. Put down the 6shooter and step away from the birthday cake.. :insane: everybody gets old.. :lol:.Happy Birthday again dude.. Now you should grow a full beard.. :p

  2. Hmmm? I wonder if I should leave it at Executioner of Online Justice … or change it to Executor of Online Justice. You probably do both depending on your mood and situation. 😆

  3. After reading that, somehow "Happy Birthday" just sounds so inadequate and inappropriate. It would have to be something more along the lines of: ::: Playing the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey :::Yippee Kai Aiy Intellectual Titan, Prodigy, Mischief Master, Maintainer of Online Freedom, Executioner of Online Justice, Emcee of Mobileland, Honorary Cowboy — Birthday! :headbang:

  4. Cowboy? I always wanted to be Navajo or Algonquin :left:Anyway, happy birthday and may your guns always be pointed at direction other than mine :yes: :cheers:

  5. Funnily enough I never saw Furtopia as cowboy-style. :left:But hey – boys will always be boys. :DHappy birthday again! To many more fights! :cheers:

  6. :cheers:Dare I ask if your nearest and dearest is going to give you anything? Or would that (and subsequent responses) be so loaded with double-entendres that I might be forever corrupted? 😮

  7. Wasn't for me. :p I'm just back from shopping. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, gals, love of my life, wolves and ingredients. :chef:.Nearest and dearest knows that all I ever want is a quiet day without involving the emergency services. I've had some pretty disastrous birthdays in the past.Mart, that was a few months before light was returned to the world, so we don't count that. :p.You didn't know that we capture your people and use them as mounts and a portable food source, kitten? :norris: Many a Furtopian knight rides a cat across the plains protecting wagons from bandits.I'm not an executioner, Toe Toe. I have people for that. :king:

  8. Rather not to be honest. Suffice to say celebrating birthdays isn't my style anymore. A birthday for me is a time of quiet reflection on how far I've come in the past year, and how far I have yet to go. I'm happiest having a few birthday wishes from those I care about, along with a good cup of coffee to start the day and a hearty meal to fill me up. Kim's Gran remembered not to get me a card this year which is really sweet as she's taking my feelings into consideration over tradition. A bit of good luck on Kim's part meant I could do some shopping and get a new game, some films and a TV series. I had a massive KFC dinner that just filled me enough with the last bite. All things considered, it's been my best birthday yet. I'm content and at peace with the world.

  9. I already wished you a happy birthday over on Clit's post. So I'm not gonna do it here. Because wishing you :hat: Happy Birthday, Mik :hat: would be repetitive.I listened to your tale very, very carefully. So … you like He-Man, eh?

  10. :eyes: What in Grayskull happened to you? All I injected you with was the bestiality gene. Hmmm, maybe that's why Cringer got that name. :sherlock: There's more to the Masters Of The Universe than it seems at first glance.

  11. Quit lying. You know very well that since you were robbed of having grown up wearing Platform Shoes, Bell Bottoms, Leisure Suits and Wild Shirts … you always wanted to be John Travolta. You really wanted to title this Post John Travolta and have a Pic of John Travolta in his white suit up at the top, right? You got cold feet and changed direction at the last second. That's OK, Furie, you can correct things on next year' birthday. :up:

  12. :coffee: Twas a great day for me, young flower. 😀 I was a cowboy and David was a gay icon. :up: Any excuse to drink eh Dennis? 😆

  13. :sing:The Funk Soul Brother, Check It Out Now The Funk Soul Brother, Right About Now The Funk Soul Brother, Check It Out Now…

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