I got this on one of my feeds a while back. It’s a promotional image, but not of some cool spy show from Japan (which was my first impression when I saw the image). No, this is the promotional image for a company of game designers.

Seriously, how cool does that look? They look like they’re about to disarm a nuclear bomb any minute now. The company is run by Hideo Kojima, who’s kind of a big deal in video games. He’s the one in the silver jacket and wearing glasses, fourth from the right.

This forty year old guy, who just happens to look twelve years old in most of his interviews (damn those genetics), has a dream of one day creating a game where death causes the disc to self destruct so players can’t rely on constant saves to get them through. I think he’ll do it too. One of the tricks he used in an earlier game was to have players enter a hotel where a bomb was set to go off and slowly lower the noise level so players are constantly upping the volume to hear what’s going on. And then the bomb explodes at normal volume and blasts you against the opposite wall.


31 thoughts on “Kojima

  1. That's their secret headquarters. Rumour amongst Kojima fans is that it contains a really really long ladder instead of an elevator. :up:

  2. Self-destructing discs seems a bit mean to me. If I really couldn't play the game anymore because I had died, then I would probably want to trade it in. Of course, that would be a bit difficult without the disc. :awww:

  3. Yeah. He only plays the ones where he gets to watch the sweaty muscular guy from behind for five or six hours. :up: I set him straight, mate.

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