My body is revolting. Hey, stop that. That’s not what I meant at all. It’s not funny!
*sets a trap on the yes smiley so everyone who uses it swaps genders, especially if they have whiskers*

8% Hypochondriac

While your physical health isn’t always perfect, you don’t freak out about it. You know there’s only so much you can do, and worrying doesn’t change anything. Your mental health is in check… which is key to having tip top physical health. There’s no way you’re worrying yourself to death!

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As I was trying to say, my system is revolting against me and has been these past few days. I’ve had constipation and diarrhoea on and off, sometimes at the same time which is just unfair. Waves of nausea keep hitting me, usually at mealtimes which is again unfair. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of lower back pain. The whole thing has pretty much left me wiped out (in more ways than one) these past couple of days.

That’s the funny thing about pain. I’m in almost constant pain due to a back injury from years ago but because it’s constant that has become my normal state and, if it stopped I’d probably feel worse before realising I was better. Unfortunately it takes a lot of concentration and effort to control this amount of pain, something that has become second nature and not really a conscious act. This means that I can lead a pretty normal life but, when I’m hit with other pains if they’re large enough they divert my energies and every pain comes back as if new again, including my old back injury. Bit of a bastard really.

Anyway I’m mostly over what’s been affecting me these past few days and the pain is starting to subside. I managed to enjoy a perfectly cooked roast chicken dinner earlier and that’s what this post is really about. In between munching succulent chicken skin soaked in delicious gravy, I remembered the thing that made me realise that genetically engineering animals is a good thing for the future. It was the image of a chicken with six legs. For all my talk of growing replacement transplant parts on the recipient, all I really want is a chicken with extra legs. Embarrassing eh? You guys ever realise the reasons behind your standards and morals are a little more self-centred than you thought?


41 thoughts on “Chicken

  1. Okay, I should have realized that a gender swop would be too much to handle for you, you just had to go and get yourself pregnant! :irked:What to do with you! :awww:

  2. So how're you doing now? (Re chicken – it needs to be genetically engineered to come in the Fred Flintstone Pterodactyl wings size :chef: ).

  3. *weakly throws a grenade at the kitty from his sick bed*Your fault. :awww:.Yes Darko, you're pretty enough to go to prom. :flirt:

  4. *picks up the hand grenade and removes the split… * Oh dear, you're even more ill than I imagined. :worried:*tucks the grenade in under the mattress and hurries out, yelling* Sleep welllllllll!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. *whoa* That's amazing!*gazes up in the air*Hey… get down here! ๐Ÿ˜ก Oh… there you are! Why the puzzled face? :worried:

  6. It's one that leaves me a stone and a half lighter, takes my waist down six entire inches and doesn't leave a load of blood in the toilet. I was very very ill. :awww:

  7. All it takes is a tensed bucket by the bed and a system of small trampolines set up around the walls of the apartment. That way the sloppy crap goes in but the harder stuff bounces out, hits the trampolines and makes it's way to the toilet. The only problem with the system is that if Kim's in there she has to sit quite far back and hold the final trampoline in front of her face to be safe.

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