Anti Human Rights Bill

Two young guys walk down the street, hand in hand. They sit on a bench in the shade by the river, gazing into each other’s eyes. In this chaotic world these two people have found love, and that love is going to cost them their lives.

Under this bill, while homosexual sex between consenting adults isn’t mentioned, anyone committing a repeat offence is eligible for the death sentence. As Uganda has already criminalised gay and lesbian sex, as well as blocked any homosexual marriage, that means repeat offenders also counts those who have consensual sex.

Interestingly, the bill also says that anyone who promotes gay and lesbian rights is committing an offence, making this post illegal in their country and punishable by seven years in prison. By putting up such stringent measures they hope to stop anyone speaking out against their insanity.

Under a new law proposed in Uganda, anyone caught having homosexual sex can be arrested and faces a death sentence. Other clauses in the law state that anyone caught even touching another person of the same sex with the intention of having homosexual sex faces life imprisonment. Furthermore, anyone witnessing one of these offences (in other words, everyone who saw the two guys holding hands) and doesn’t report it to the authorities within twenty-four hours faces up to three years in jail as well as a fine. David Bahati, the MP who introduced the bill, said “Homosexuality is not a right. It is a foreign behaviour imported and promoted by people using the poverty of our country to expound bad behaviour.” Obviously this sick bastard counts murdering people simply for falling in love as good behaviour, which makes me wonder what he’s still doing on the street instead of facing life imprisonment himself.

The bill has been universally reviled around the world by all sane people, with only a few fundamentalist Christians (a couple of American groups of these insane horses actually helped to author the bill) and other ignorant bigots offering support. The Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law expressed it’s outright disgust at the bill, saying “This is an attempt by those in government to whip up sentiments of fear and hatred by lumping together predatory acts that violate the rights of vulnerable sections of our society with sexual acts between consenting adults.” That’s right folks, David “I Like To Kill People Because It’s Fun” Bahati introduced this bill saying it will help fight the spread of HIV (because an entire 14 percent of HIV in the country is spread by homosexuals, and they imagine the rest falls out of the sky) and stop child molesters (because obviously they’re the same thing if you’re a tiny minded politician who gets hard at the thought of slaughtering people). A spokesman for the CHRCL expressed it best by saying “A better title for this bill would be the anti-human rights bill.”

So, how does the Ugandan government see the uproar caused by the introduction of this bill? They’re delighted. They believe that it’s a sign that they’re not only offering strong leadership on issues that the world is afraid to deal with, but that the world will learn from them. James Nsaba Buturo, the ethics and integrity minister for Uganda, said “It is with joy that we see that everyone is interested in what Uganda is doing, and it is an opportunity for Uganda to provide leadership where it matters most.” James, if you really care about leadership you will kill all the supporters of this bill and then kill yourself, you sick bigoted son of a whore!


57 thoughts on “Anti Human Rights Bill

  1. Isn't it. 😑 Cleaned the post up a little, added more detail on the "law", and more info on the authoring of the bill.

  2. Bigots stand up and authorise murder with victims picked based on their prejudices, backed by the sort of Americans who would be first in line to protest any dictatorship and back wars against it. πŸ™„ Seriously, these are the sort of people who make the world a hell to live in. I'm sick to death of people doing this sort of thing. Skin colour, religion, sexual preference, hair colour – humans are constantly finding new, more pathetic "reasons" to hold each other down so they feel better about their own inadequacies. :furious:

  3. Originally posted by Furie:

    humans are constantly finding new, more pathetic "reasons" to hold each other down so they feel better about their own inadequacies.

    There are too many people in this world. No wonder that military and weapon industry is the most powerful industry in the world.I, personaly, don`t understand and don`t aprove homosexualism. I was raised that way in community that don`t aprove it. But if someone decides it is his or her choice, so be it. I have no right to change someone`s mind and decision. Killing people because of it is just insane.

  4. Here's some more info.One of the things the bill criminalizes:

    … an HIV-positive person having sex with a person of the same gender …

    It doesn't say if there were condoms involved, if both people had the same strain of HIV, etc. Just an example of the kind of blanket statements which typify the whole thing, really.

  5. This is an attempt by those in government to whip up sentiments of fear and hatred by lumping together predatory acts that violate the rights of vulnerable sections of our society with sexual acts between consenting adults.

    Sounds like the government there is engaging in a 'predatory act' itself. And with making it illegal for people not to 'report it if they see it', it sounds very much like witch hunts will soon begin.

  6. Darko, you're entitled to your views on that. I don't agree with them but we're both products of our environment. These guys however lose their entitlement to any views like that by trying to criminalize and murder others over their own views on things. Sadly, this isn't the worst news I've heard this week.

  7. Yeah, there's a lot of that sort of stuff in there. The part that gets me is the repeat offenders statement, especially as the police there regularly arrest known homosexuals on trumped up charges already, and teachers, police and government bodies regularly harass homosexuals, with a radio show being fined $1,000 for even allowing homosexual guests on at one point. 😑

  8. Actually, that's what a lot of people think. You see, a loving God only actually loves those that repress their true selves and follow the plan laid out in his name by people with a political agenda 1700 years ago.

  9. God loves us enough in this life to want our complete obedience, or else we'll spend eternity in hell. To say nothing of the fact that he loved his son so much he sent him to Earth to be tortured and executed.It's always sounded to me as if he needs a greater understanding of what the word 'love' means. And that's why I'm asking people to donate to the Dictionaries for God charity … πŸ˜‰

  10. I've read the entire bible, the Mormon books et cetera. The only reference to possible anti-gays is the city of Sodom. Thing is, in Sodom it was a gigantic orgy, rather than a couple of people of the same sex actually in love. People read into religious texts what they will, and take it as fact. Bull.

  11. It's the same in Algeria. What a weird hang-up. I've read a good chunk of the bible, and I don't remember it featuring any serious hang-ups about homosexuality. I think it's just used as a pretext.

  12. In Sodom it was rape, plain and simple, and no-one was safe. God destroyed the city because of this, saving the only good family there. The wife got turned to salt as she watched the city get destroyed then the daughters got their dad drunk and slept with him. Priests throughout the years have taken this as proof that homosexuality is wrong but child abuse is approved by the Bible.The other mention is that God says homosexuality is an abomination, to be punished by death. However there are other abominations to be punished by death, including eating shellfish, slaves not doing as they're told, etc. Funny how things like that have been forgotten.Also, the Bible states that if a believer can't call on his god and be shown irrefutable proof of that deity's existance in front of believers of other deities, then that believer should be put to death as a heretic. And true believers in Christ can drink any poison and will suffer no ill effects. I wonder how many true believers are willing to put any of those things to the test?Atheism, for when you've studied religion and realise the only sane choice is not to believe.

  13. I don't agree that atheism is the only correct choice. What I do believe is that religious leaders who choose how to interpret the bible and then enforce their interpretations on their followers are wrong.

  14. I believe that's almost agnosticism, Kim. There's a difference between being religious and being spiritual. I'll take the latter any day.

  15. That is agnosticism, and that's me. Just for those who are in organized religion, I don't think less of those who follow organized religion, don't get me wrong – I just wonder who decides what context the religious texts are actually in and what gives them that "knowledge" – that just isn't my thing. Hearing that some religion refused to let its followers read the Bible on their own because it could mean heresy is ridiculous to me.

  16. I wouldn't say it's the only correct choice either. I just think that it's hubris to believe that we can say what the truth is.

  17. Seriously though, my experiences of organised religion have mostly been them being fucking awful towards me simply because my views differ to theirs. I'll talk to them and it wont take long until they're telling me I'm going to hell for not believing in Christ. I counter with the fact that I've done good things in my life and helped people, while there are Christians out there that molest children and they tell me it doesn't matter because Christ forgives sins but you have to believe in him first. Things like that make me very worried about the children of religious people. "No, it doesn't matter if Uncle Maury abused you for five years. Turn the other cheek or you wont be welcome in this church full of loving, caring people."My views on faith are simple. I don't know if there is a higher power, and even if there is I can't prove it. What I know is myself, and the people I care about. These are the things I have faith in. These are the things that empower me. If you believe in something different then that's fine. But when you give me or others abuse because they don't believe the exact same things as you, and are willing to be violent to uphold those beliefs or force them on others then you're in a cult that has brainwashed you into acting completely against the things you say that cult stands for.

  18. Hum. I really meant it when I said that we're not capable of being sane. It requires a greater understanding of the universe than we're capable of. But there are lots of sensible religious people too, and any-one can get strange ideas. And we all tend to think that we're right, and ignore inconvenient evidence.In the end, what matters is how we treat each other, not how we think the world works. I couldn't care less what faith people have.

  19. Hell, go further back and look at how Christianity was treated when it started up. Other religions spread rumours of baby sacrifice, all members performing oral sex on priests, and all other sorts of crap that Christians would later say about wicca.

  20. Trying hard to figure out what to say here. :eyes:.One of my brother's stepsons has recently married his significant other. South African politicians may be insane and/or mentally retarded, but the still managed to pass the civill unions bill. :left:.Now, traditionally, Muslim men hug and kiss each other after Eid prayers. :sherlock:. It sounds like Uganda may be a dangerous place to be a Muslim! :insane:.

  21. What's the difference if you die of AIDS or a beating from a band of enraged homophobic heteros? Is the former more… :left: :right: …humane? Git yo' lasso set right, and take a faggot out for a drag behind yo' pickup truck! :zip:

  22. There are lots me countries like this 😦 But the gay community is one of the few that's willing to stand up against these things (apparently it's flourishing in Saudi Arabia despite being punishable by death), so I feel these particular laws will have a short shelf life. Organized religion sucks pretty much everywhere. However, many of their adherents are outstanding people.

  23. Faith in something is fine and usually creates people that are stronger. Those that don't find enough strength in their faith band together via religion: weak people clinging to gangs with their own bizarre rituals and customs. And when weak-minded people gang up, it's not long before they take their frustrations out on others to make their own path in life seem right.

  24. It never ceases to amaze me that people will fight love – in whatever shape or form – because they personally don't like it. What's next? Men can't be with older women? A blond guy and a dark haired girl can just forget it?Idiocy!

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