The Decent Thing

Marek Szymanski is a 30 year old man who was sentenced to three years imprisonment for a rape he committed in Wroclaw, Poland. His attack on 53 year old Zdislowa Morzycka was so savage that she was left partially paralysed and in a wheelchair. In my opinion, three years is a ridiculously short sentence for any rape, never mind one so vicious that it leaves the victim in such a condition. Unfortunately the first set of judges didn’t agree with me.

Yeah, that’s right, I said the first set of judges. There were two sets you see. Unfortunately the second set believed that the first set were too harsh in their sentencing. These judges released this horrific sexual predator after only ten months in prison, because he’d done “the decent thing” by pleading guilty and calling an ambulance for his victim after he’d raped her and left her stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. The judges said that Szymanski had acted with “great kindness” towards his victim after the rape, a sentiment that the victim obviously doesn’t share. “What sort of justice is this? I will have to live with this until I die.” Morzycka said when she heard the news.

So there you go guys. It’s okay to rape a woman after beating her into submission so badly that she’s paralysed, as long as you call an ambulance afterwards. Obviously you wouldn’t do it beforehand because they might arrive before you’ve finished. What the mother-fuck is going on in the world that this counts as justice? Combined with the horrific things going on in Uganda recently it seems to me that humanity has reversed the meaning of justice. Fucking disgusting!


43 thoughts on “The Decent Thing

  1. Judges are, for the most part, completely out of touch with reality. The ones who aren't must have been victims of crime in some way.

  2. :bomb: :furious: :irked: 😡 :insane: I hope the guy and the judges burn in hell. "as long as you call an ambulance afterwards."and as long as you plead guilty too.

  3. It's more than obvious that A. Y'all know nothing about the case, or law in general for that matter; and B. He must have f*cked her senseless, otherwise she'd be more greatful./ hyperbole. :left:

  4. How about sarcastic hyperbole? I've read of some bone headed judicial decisions, this one is right up there though! *shakes head* 😡

  5. Isn't it just. I'm with Carol on how he should be treated. First the judges should be made to have sex changes if they're men, then locked in a room with him.

  6. Any sex crime in which the judge determines the offender is guilty should automatically be a minimum of five years, but something of this magnitude should be an automatic life sentance..after all that's what the victom gets…Hi Furie..Wow! I see you all over the community but I have never officially said hello!Pleasure to meet ya!

  7. It was a clear case of "I meant to violate this woman in a way that would colour the rest of her life, but didn't mean to hurt her quite as badly as I did when doing it. Oh well, I'll call an ambulance. It's free after all."

  8. Hey Tab. Welcome to TDF. Have a look around while you're here. My readers love comments appearing on posts they've forgotten about. :devil:

  9. I thought only getting three years was bad enough… and then I read what he actually served. 😡

    The judges said that Szymanski had acted with "great kindness" towards his victim

    Rightfully feeling remorse for what he did (I'll hope that was the reason for it) doesn't mitigate what transpired before it. :furious:

  10. World is going to hell…Judges are assholes. Marek should be given double dose of viagra and cialis and locked in room with them :devil:

  11. Don't make me go through uncensor your swearing people. This is a grown up page, with grown up topics, and if people wanna say fuck then they can say fuck. Only the Q word is banned here and that's because I can't figure out what it is. Censoring should only be done for comedy's sake, like this:I remember this one <CENSORED BY PAGE OWNER> and she like to <CENSORED BY PAGE OWNER> with a <CENSORED BY PAGE OWNER>, <CENSORED BY PAGE OWNER>, <CENSORED BY PAGE OWNER> labrador in a bathing suit. When she used to <CENSORED BY PAGE OWNER> it'd make all the <CENSORED BY PAGE OWNER> <CENSORED BY PAGE OWNER> and <CENSORED BY PAGE OWNER> smear <CENSORED BY PAGE OWNER> up it with a toothbrush til the dolphin squealed. :up:

  12. Kitten, replace the word "little" with "bastard" and your comment is exactly what I said when I first heard this, even down to the punctuation.

  13. 😮 I can't believe I made that typo. :faint:.On a related note, the 'restore from memory card' feature on my E65 does nothing! :cry:.I blame the crumby Vodacom branding for botching it! :irked:.

  14. I've really been on form since getting over that illness. You two, Mina and David have all mini-burned yourselves just as I arrived. Good times. :happy:

  15. Back, and better than I've been in a long time in fact. :yes: You realise we've started calling each other "finance" occasionally now? 😆

  16. I smell bribes or his daddy's influence, or some fucked-up version of 'she deserved it' :sherlock: And what's the Q word? Quim? Qlue? :left:

  17. Normally I'd break them up with comics or something lighter. After finding out about those things I wasn't in a very light mood.

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