Baby Glutton

Meet Bebe Gloton, the new must have child’s baby doll in Spain. Now, I’ve always thought the idea of children having dolls of babies was creepy (it gives them a romanticised version of raising a child which can push girls towards motherhood far earlier than they’re ready for it) but this doll takes it to another level. The translation of the name means Baby Glutton in English and it’s a pretty good name. Baby Designed By A Paedophile would be a better one. We’ve all seen dolls that can cry, and wet themselves as well as the more recent dolls that fill their nappies. Well the designer of Baby Glutton has taken it one step further by making a doll designed to breastfed. Yeah, that’s the exact same face I pulled when I first heard about it. I’ll get back to this post when you’re a little less disgusted.

How old would you say that child on the box is? Six, maybe seven years old? However old she is the designers of this toy believe it’s about time she started breastfeeding her baby. They’ve come up with a bra-like item of clothing that she can wear that has two plastic, flower-shaped pieces on it around the nipple area. When the baby is pressed against those “nipples” it reacts by making suckling sounds for a while. Then it cries until it is burped. That’s right folks, someone who works in a toy company and has access to groups of children for testing new toy ideas has come up with an item of clothing for young girls under ten years old that simulates the primary function of breasts. Why? Because “You shouldn’t have to wait until you have breasts before you start breastfeeding your baby.” according to the box. Really? I always thought that was kind of the point.

Now, maybe I’m over-reacting here. Obviously I’m not a girl and have never played with dolls, so maybe I’m just not getting it. To me this seems really bad, yet another unrealistic push towards early teen pregnancy and another way for sick people to sexualise our children. Am I wrong? What do the girls out there who’ve played with dolls think about this? Would you have played with it as a child?


34 thoughts on “Baby Glutton

  1. That's weird. Over here they blame the schools for teen unwed mothers.You could be on to something, Mik. Maybe… naw. How could toys that give you tits have anything to do with adolescent sex?It has to be the schools.

  2. It doesn't really freak me out. I never played much with dolls when I was littler, so I don't know if I would have played with a doll like this. But… hmm… I mean, it's a doll. I think it's natural that kids want to copy what adults do. It would have freaked me out if there hadn't been that bra-looking clothes item, if you see what I mean.Boys play with guns, copying soldiers going to war. Little boys shouldn't go to war, should they? *shrugs* To me it's the same. 🙂

  3. Must be the schools not the parents eh? 😆 I remember someone I know having enough of their child acting up. She quietly asked the child to "just behave please" twice then exploded in the child's face, screaming a load of curses at the girl, all "fucking" this and "bastard" that. A week later I was told off for saying "Bloody hell" in front of the kid because they didn't want her learning that sort of language. A little later than that I was brought into their kitchen and lectured about my language because the child had picked up some swear words and the parents "never swear around her". :furious: That's when I demonstrated my own extended vocabulary…That's what I'm saying, babe. The doll was created in order to help promote breast feeding as the best alternative for babies. I kinda get where they're coming from as you see all these dolls with bottles and it passes on the wrong idea to girls, as babies need to be breast fed or they wont gain the valuable immune system boosting nutrients that babies need. But this just seems like it's going too far.

  4. Now, maybe I'm over-reacting here

    Uh … no. No, I don't think you are. That's definitely all kinds of fucked up. Yes, breast feeding is natural … but not for children.

  5. I think this toy is completely fucked up. I'm all for truth with children but this takes things far too far in my opinion.

  6. Interesting view kitten, I hadn't thought of that (although I did get the feeling I was missing an angle to look at it from), and I totally get what you mean about it being creepier without the bra-vest thing. I don't know, maybe I've just seen too many children of this age tottering around in mini-skirts and heels or their parents buying them thongs and padded bras, and this seems to me to just be another way that companies are sexualising our children.No, kids shouldn't be trained to go shooting things either, and indeed toy guns don't really make a difference there. Which actually makes me think that the benefits this doll could have in teaching kids about breast feeding are minimal.

  7. I think human race is still in its infancy. While some countries have their eyes on the Mars, there are other countries where child marriages, dowry system, female foeticide, fundamentalism are prevalent. I had to make personal efforts, that too when I reached 18 to get a book on sexuality written by a sexologist. I hesitantly asked my uncle who is a dentist if there's something for me to read, the next day he brought a book from the gov hospital and the book was to inform youth about the aids, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.The book described anatomy and told how sex is a means to express love and how we should be responsible approaching it.

  8. Gender stereotypes are hard to avoid. I heard an article on the news today about how they want more men in daycare centres; it came up as a result of a pedophilia scandal. As usual. Yup, I want to work in daycare now…

  9. Any man who even wants to work with kids is put under suspicion, mainly because there's a stereotype that only men can be sexual predators or paedophiles, and parental paranoia regarding strangers when most cases are via family/friends. It's all fucked up. The doll is very creepy but it's better than some others that are blatantly encouraging underage promiscuity. It's also quite unsettling that these things are always targeting only girls…

  10. Mm, but to turn it on it's head, one might wonder why it's this stuff that sells. There are good unisex toys, like Lego and playdough. Kids are extremely conscious of fitting in.

  11. I think that's an extension of what Tils said, Mart. Girls are trained to be mothers and housekeepers (I found this toy on a place that also had a cleaning trolley toy) from an early age, while boys are trained for combat or construction. Uni-sex toys tend to be fast food playsets these days or toy phones (my own contribution of course). Sixty odd years since the last great war and still we're stuck in that kind of mentality.

  12. It sells because it's parents not kids that spend the money. Parents had those toys as children and so buy them for their kids. Vicious cycle, with a few new things sneaking in each time it goes around.

  13. Yeah, but by the time a child is old enough to express which toy they want, they've usually been trained towards a certain sort by which toys they've already received and what their friends are playing with. As the parent and grandparents make the starting decisions, they continue their own style in the child.This kind of experiment is blocked by the governments of the world (and rightly so), but I'd love to take twins from birth and put one of them in a room with no toys and no external stimuli and only a flavourless paste for food (containing all nutrients of course) while the other gets a normal life. Fast forward ten years then see how different their tastes in everything are. Even better if I could do it with clones of the same person. :sherlock: That's how I created Zaph after all.

  14. I know of people who tried to eliminate gender stereotypes from their kids' lives, and couldn't. It's everywhere.You'd get a non-verbal animal. Their have been a couple of recorded cases of kids who grew up with-out humans, one who went through the whole Tarzan experience, one who was locked in a basement; if we don't learn to speak by the time we're seven or so, we don't learn to speak.

  15. ..they're so tall that the sound of their voices doesn't cary down to their kids? :left:There are two prevailing theories.

  16. Boys will be boys. At least, if the parents have any say in the matter. :p.Some people manage to break the mould of programming and do their own thing. :left:.

  17. Always hated that Barbie bitch. :p.I'm a compulsive tinker. All electronic gizmo's must be stripped down and re-assembled. :left:. That's why the warranty is voided within a few hours :awww:.

  18. I think that box is pretty disturbing… I mean "Chup Chup Chup" followed by "Bluuurp Bluuurp" and – "Je, je"… :left:

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