Sunday Roast

Please note that this recipe is not a Furtopian delicacy despite containing similar ingredients. In fact, as the Supreme Lord of Furtopia I’ve banned this recipe from being cooked within my borders. After all, one can only have so much garlic before anything is drained of flavour and completely ruined.

1 cat cut into roast
1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup
1 cube of beef bouillon
1 clove of garlic
1 Fine Irish Stout, like Guinness

  • Cover and soak cat roast in salt water for 24 hours.
  • Drain water and then cover and soak in beer for 6 hours.
  • Drain and place in crock pot with your cans of soup.
  • Add a clove of garlic, and a cube of beef bouillon.
  • If you start to slow cook your cat in the morning with your George Foreman Cooker (or it’s ilk), you’ll have finely cooked feline in time for supper. If a slow cooker is not available, a cat can be baked at 350 degrees for 2-3 hours in a conventional oven and still come out pretty good.

Beer Roasted Cat is fantastic served with mashed potatoes, collard greens, and fresh, homemade egg rolls. When planning a full meal just remember – cat is a course best served hot! Cat may not be the most glamorous, or tastiest of game meats, but with a little thought and preparation, Baked Cat can make the belly of the persnicketiest diner glow with home baked goodness.

This is the first recipe to be put up on, the premier online purveyor of cat meat. According to the site, “cat meat is just like any other red meat, only the flavour is stronger, yet more delicate and exotic.” They provide fish-fed, chicken-fed and meat-fed cats from their free range farms, each offering a unique flavour. is a sister site to both and the recently opened Anyone want a pie?


65 thoughts on “Sunday Roast

  1. They had human meat restaurants in India :left: , they eat horse meat here, dogs in China… we're all fair game. 😦

  2. Cat bones dug out of rubbish heap remnants in archaeological digs in Ireland had teethmarks in them. Pets/emergency larder? And the Aborigines is Australia hunt cats, as the cats have hunted out everything else. It's all cultural.

  3. Snake is actually a lot better than it looks. It's slightly pork-ish, with a bit of venison mixed in and a texture I can't really describe.I wouldn't eat brain if I was paid to. Not a big fan of offal at all. :yuck:.Face it kitten, I'm not your biggest enemy. :p

  4. *mutters* complete nutter, that Furie. You can never have too much garlic, and there's always kitten stew…:eyes:*realizes where he is…* :bye: :p

  5. Ah! Sorry. I didn't know. 😦 When I get bronchitis I chew on a clove… as I'm going to sleep. Keeps things loose overnight.

  6. :no: not puppy meat! :cry:.With the recipe I was thinking of getting a roast and doing this but then I got to the second part. :ko:

  7. Jamie Oliver would be proud. He'd also probably say, "Yeah?" a lot.Gordon Ramsay would just grimace and say, "Fuck Me, Big Boy!"

  8. Gavin, we had human meat restaurants in India? I didn't know that. I have read about purush medha (human sacrifice) and ashwa medha (horse sacrifice) in the Vedas but I have never heard about the human meat restaurants.

  9. I read about it years ago in an English newspaper, The Independent. It was during famine times, and not recently. I've often wondered who'd be stupid enough to eat there; you'd make damn sure that you hadn't forgotten your wallet first!

  10. I know. I saw the jar on your mantle when I broke in to set up those cameras in your bedroom. :up:.:sst: There's no answer to David's statement. Believe me, I tried for literally seconds to think of something that wouldn't get me banned. :awww:

  11. Originally posted by Furie:

    Face it kitten, I'm not your biggest enemy.

    Because you don't eat brains? 😉 I have got one, you know. :POriginally posted by David:

    Gordon Ramsay would just grimace and say, "Fuck Me, Big Boy!"

    Umm… :left:

  12. Speaking of cameras – isn't it about to get those out of my bedroom now? I mean… some privacy would be nice. Especially while thinking of a good answer to that comment. 😉

  13. :yuck::yuck::yuck:.My bad luck that the rat one worked!!! :yuck:.*spews*And, Originally posted by

    Orlando Style Creole Mickey

    is just fucked up!! :insane:.

  14. Thank god for that Snopes article. I was terrified of visiting any site called ManBeef. :insane: If you've ever searched Google for mundane things with SafeSearch off you'll know the constant state of fear I live in. 😥

  15. So tempted to do a 'lemonparty' joke. Something like:… is a good filter for stuff like that, letting you browse with safe surf off, but still warning you about sites that have things like pictures of ancient men daisy-chaining, or …… but I won't do that to friends. Seriously … don't click that link.PS: I told you not to go there, Cois … ! 😉 😆

  16. You fucking git! :insane: I wasn't planning to but you knew my rebellious nature would bite me in the ass! :cry:Curses on you David! Curses! :cry:.:lol: haha. It's not that bad. :p everyone should check that link. 🙂 <—

  17. Well, the cricket bat is available for anyone else who needs their memory erased. But I must point out that it's been known to erase more memory than you bargained for. :p!

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