“Give Us Your Pocket Money Or I’ll Take Twice As Much Tomorrow”

Well well, what do you know… Apple, in response to being sued by Nokia for stealing technology and refusing to pay any license fees, have in turn sued Nokia for copying the iPhone.

In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone a ground-breaking device that allowed users access to the functionality of the already popular iPod on a revolutionary mobile phone and Internet device… The iPhone platform has caused a revolutionary change in the mobile phone category. In contrast, Nokia made a different business decision and remained focused on traditional mobile wireless handsets with conventional user interfaces. As a result, Nokia has rapidly lost share in the market for high-end mobile phones… In response, Nokia chose to copy the iPhone, especially its enormously popular and patented design and user interface.

I think this is outrageous. How dare Nokia steal the idea of a touchscreen user interface from poor defenceless Apple! And how dare they go back in time to 2004 to release their own touchscreen device before Apple in a blatant attempt to thwart justice!

There’s no way in hell Apple can win this one. The existance of a Nokia touchscreen device predates the iPhone by three years so they can’t win there. Capacitive touchscreens haven’t been used in any currently released Nokia handsets, and the suit is aimed primarily at the Nokia 5800 which doesn’t have a capacitive screen in any of it’s versions. Even the user interface on top of the operating system is classic Symbian, just slightly adjusted so it can be used on a touchscreen instead of via a keypad. Hell, even the form factors are different, with the iPhone being wider and designed to be used with two hands while the 5800 is designed to be used single handed. Like I said, there’s no way in hell Apple can win this one, so what are they doing?

The answer is simple, they’re trying to bully Nokia. They’re saying “If you want the money that we owe you, then be prepared to fight for it and probably spend more money than you’d win.” Classic playground bully tactics, tactics that Apple has used before to their advantage many times. This looks like it’s going to be interesting. Anyone care to place a bet on who comes out on top in this one?


75 thoughts on ““Give Us Your Pocket Money Or I’ll Take Twice As Much Tomorrow”

  1. Ah welcome, haven't seen you round these parts before. :D.80cm? You wouldn't believe how jealous I am right now. We've got a couple of millimetres on the opposite side of the street where it's too shaded to melt fully. :awww: Haven't had that sort of snow since '95 here. Heh, I remember heading out at 4AM to get a paper, got home at almost 5AM and the streets had changed from clear to almost buried.

  2. Thanks. It's my first time here (as a subscriber). I don't know why I haven't subscribed to your blog until now, but here I am. You are a skilled writer, and I like your angles on the subjects you chosse. You haven't seen the last of me. In Denmark we haven't had an official white Christmas since 1995. We usually don't get drifts of snow until after New Year's Eve, because the ground has to be extremely cold for the snow to stay.

  3. I guess I'll stick with local bettings. Word has it, odds are 11,0 on Danish Christmas not being white this year. I look out of the window and see drifts about 80 cm high. Even four days of above zero degrees will not get rid of this, and forecast say temperature will stay below zero till wedensday. Now, if I was a gambler, I'd know what to do with my seven cents.

  4. 😆 We met before Dennis. He's one of the big cats that Tils calls on when her regular army can't stop my forces. Reckon the subliminal programming on these pages can convert him? :devil:

  5. My comments most places are arrogant and rarely friendly, so they reflect my best parts well. Unfortunately they're not the sort that pull more people into my own page. Having said that, my almost 1500 posts have covered enough subjects to drag people in with the weirdest search terms so I get my fair share of visitors, if not comments. Usually people don't comment for ages when they get here. More than once I've heard from them later that they felt intimidated. :confused: Maybe they take my robot army as a serious threat to the world? :worried:.Well, my hope is that you guys have a white Christmas this year. Every generation deserves to have at least one to look back on through the years. :up:

  6. Oh, directly below this is a highlights post containing direct links to Christmas themed posts from last year. I set it up for new readers so you might find something useful, informative or just plain hilarious on there. :yes:

  7. I wouldn't dare second-guess an American court, if it's being held there. They can make surprising, sometimes incomprehensible, decisions.

  8. People in Apple acted like kids, now they want their toy back. Even though there might not be any toy that belong to them :PI just read about it in some news I am subscribed with.

  9. If the constantly falling snow in the background is a part of your subliminal programming, it works. It's 0830 in the morning, and I'm already feeling drowsy. :cool:Have a nice day.

  10. Originally posted by Mik:

    Reckon the subliminal programming on these pages can convert him?

    I wouldn't bet on that, that's for sure! :P*Decides to stay off topic* Thinking about what a small country we live in, I must say that the weather varies a lot from one part of the country to the other. I don't have anything like 80 cms of snow where I am. There is some, but… not that much. :yes:

  11. The big guys always steal from the little guys then tie them up in so much litigation that the little ones go out of business. It's disgusting. What I find interesting here is that both companies are worth pretty much the same amount and in this economic backdrop they'd both be risking losing some of their market share by going ahead with this.Having said that, the mobile industry is one of the few that hasn't really been hit by the economic "crisis" we're apparantly having and Apple hasn't dropped the price of their latest products unlike their competitors so Nokia is much better set for money in this period. I've never seen Nokia sue someone before as they usually explore every possible avenue before taking legal action. It makes me think that once they commit to litigation they'll dig their teeth in not let go, like those big dogs that're normally as peaceful as anything until pushed way too far at which point they wont stop attacking until something is in pieces.American courts are indeed very odd sometimes and have been known to play favourites with their own countries companies over others. Of course, if Nokia got screwed over in this case they may pull out of America all together. And as the primary supplier of the technology needed by the networks… This really is an interesting case, and I really hope it goes the distance without any settlements.I reckon it's already working kitten. He's getting sleepy, very sleepy. Are you getting sleepy? Look into my eyes… :eyes:

  12. Nokia has even pulled out of the Japanese market. Guess they cannot give up the USA at this point. Sure, they are big in the developing countries, as far as I know at least, but folks there buy most the cheaper basic models and not next year's hightech phones.

  13. It's harder with Japan because they do so much more with their handsets. Comparing european networks with japanese networks is like comparing american networks with the rest of the world. As Nokia creates global handsets, the amount of reworking they have to do for each handset before release in Japan isn't worth the return they're getting.The news that wasn't reported on that front (because it's more interesting to report on a big company failing) is that they only pulled out for the remainder of the 3G generation and are still actually selling phones there on a virtual network run on Docomo's bandwidth. They'll be back on other networks once 4G has started up fully.

  14. I think it was Timothy Leary who once said: 'What the people of the lesser developed countries want from the West is not better education or better health care, it's cadillacs' meaning that the status symbols of our socalled 'way of life', as seen on television and in movies, is what the poor peoples are dreaming about, even if they still have no roads to drive on or mobile networks. To put this in perspective, there are still people in the western world dreaming about the primitive life in the wild. A simple game of swopping places would solve the problem and make people happy.

  15. Haha! Am I the only who follows the association string in my head? :pplayground bullying -> sandbox (might be the right word instead of sandpit) -> kids hitting each other with plastic spades if they can't play with toys that aren't their own.

  16. Personally, I am allowed in the house, but only due to a continuus effort. For example I brought a Kenwood kitchen machine home yesterday when I was out buying a Christmas tree. This gives me an estimated 6 months, give or take a week, where I don't have to worry about whether I'm welcome in the house. It also has the sideeffect of me being able to eat home baked bread and cakes for years to come.

  17. Originally posted by Furie:

    Maybe if I was allowed back in my own house. 😡

    Ah, but you are! The secret password is the lyrics to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 😆

  18. It's on Kim's Facebook status. :irked:.You have to buy kitchen stuff to stay in the house? Wow, Rosie got to your girl too eh? 😦

  19. Oh. We're not allowed Facebook at work. I'll have to do a workaround with the phone to see it then. :up:And nope… That one I'm not responsible for… :left: :right:

  20. I don't exactly have to buy anything to stay popular with my wife, but I have found that our relationsship improves when I do it. It's sort of like putting the lights on when it's dark. You don't have to put the lights on, since most of the things you do at night can be done without putting lights on, but your chances of not walking into doors or not falling down the stairs improve if you turn on the lights.

  21. Try a new phone. You'd be surprised how much women love that. :yes: Just don't ever buy them new razors "just because". :left:

  22. She has got a K800i in the middle of the year. Beyond my complete understanding she likes this ugly phone with the blocking joystick.

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